CoRE - Get peer assistance here with setting up Pistons

Thanks, I think that’s it. So no need for “using location”
Here’s what I have
IF ANY Presence changes
ThenIF Any Presence is Present
Then Using Switch (Virtual Switch) > Wait 5 min > Turn on
Else Using Switch (virtual Switch) > Turn off

Thanks again for the help with this. Getting the delay to turn something on based on presence was a bit tricky, but I think there are other things I can do with this. :slight_smile: Appreciate the help

What does it mean if a piston doesn’t rebuild? When I click rebuilt nothing happens. I also get some error messages at times when I’m setting the times in a piston. Just says error occurred but it still works

I want CoRE to send me a text every day with humidity and maybe some other information

If trigger happens at 1:55pm
Thermostat Humidity >= 0
---Save last evaluation result to ThermostatHumidity???
---Save event value on true ThermostatHumidity???
Using Location, send SMS 'humidity {ThermostatHumidity}'

I’m getting the text, but not the data I want: ‘humidity {ThermostatHumidity}’

Thanks Dustin, I learn new things every day.
Changed it and now testing it.
While I am at it, how can I create a piston that would do the following without the timers fighting each other.


  • Each of presence sensors is not present for 10 min.
  • Any motion sensor is not active for 10 min.
    -SHM is disarmed
  • Set location to AWAY
    -Set SHM to Armed/Away
    BUT IF
  • Each of presence sensors is not present for 10 min.
  • Any motion sensor IS ACTIVE in the last 10 min.
    -Set SHM to Armed/Home

That one looks good to me. If it doesn’t work post back.

Does this Piston to Turn on a light at Sunset then off at 11:20PM look correct?

Personally I do mine for that type of function like this.
You will need expert mode enabled to see the When True and When False options.
More than one way to skin a cat though.

OK but is mine correct like it is?

I think so. I have never set one up that way.
It would be easier to just pick
DATE and TIME and set the window instead of your Trigger happens at.
In THEN put Turn On.
In Else put Turn Off.
Much simpler for my tiny mind to understand. :wink:

Also you do not need to stipulate the days Monday through to Sunday if you want it to run every day.
If no days are stipulated it will run every day.

Unfortunately the piston does not appear to work. On opening and closing my test contact sensor many times within a space of 10 seconds…i still get multiple notifications.

You need to group all of your actions together. They way you have it now, everything runs at once instead of sequentially. So while you are setting the variable {doorbellPushed} to “true”, you are setting it equal to “false” at the same time.


Put them all in the same sequence of tasks. Right after the set variable, scroll down, and you’ll see add another task, add the rest of the tasks in the same manner.

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I guess I will find out if this works tonight. I also have it set in SmartRules so I can enable it if necessary so I can trouble shoot it.

Ah ok, thanks. I’ll give it a try, but what if I want to perform an action other than a ‘use location’ action (such as flashing a bulb)? How can I group that in the same group? (Because everything in the group has to be a ‘using location’ type action

Select a device you want to use and scroll to the bottom. All those location commands will be there. If not then enable expert mode in CoRE settings.

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Help with Garage lighting logic.
I have a rule using smart lighting that is already decent, but there are times that it just not do what I need.
I have a door sensor for my garage door, but no motion sensor in the garage.

When I open the door the light comes on, then I have it automatically turn off after 5 minutes… Problem is 80% of the time I was only in the garage for 30 seconds, 10 % I was in for less than 5 minutes, and the other 10% of the time the light turns off while I’m in the garage, haha. I had just been living with it, but as I get more into CORE, i’m sure there is some what I could make it more efficient.

I don’t want it to be turn on if open and turn off if closed. If I’m in for a quick time I usually leave door open, and close when I leave, but if I’m in for more than 30 seconds I probably closed the door.

I’m having a hard time with the logic

IF Door sensor is OPEN turn on light
Then maybe some time logic?
If door is closed within X seconds of being opened then stay on? then turn off next if door is opened and closed withing 5 seconds (that would be me just leaving the garage and closing the door)?

I don’t know? A motion sensor would definitely make it easier. I could (and would be happy), to manually hit the switch to cancel the time off count down.

Like turn on if door opens, then turn off after 1 minute. Cancel countdown if switch it toggled?

Any ideas, recommendations?

How do I pass a variable as a parameter to a command? For instance I have a variable @Tset that I have saved my thermostat set point to say 66. Then after having changed the thermostat set point to something else say 62 I want to set it back to the value in @Tset. In the core piston using my thermostat I see setThermoSetpoint. Which is defined as a command in the device driver. I pass it a parameter of 60 as number and it works to set my thermostat to 60. How do I pass it the value in @Tset?

I’m gathering that the device handler for the thermostat may not be correct. So perhaps I’m going about this all wrong. I am using this device handler

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Everything in the group can use a device in stead of “Using location”.

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Did you try sending {@Tset} as the parameter to setThermoSetpoint?

I am confused by how this is supposed to work. I have a simple rule set up as shown below:

I opened the door, got a notification. Perfect.

Then I closed the door. At the top of the Piston it says:

Current state: true

and it also says

Current evaluation: false

According to the wiki page

The state of the basic piston is deemed TRUE if (conditions) evaluates as true, or FALSE otherwise

So my condition was true but is no longer true. Why does my piston seem stuck in the true state? Does this mean I won’t get any new notifications? I tried opening the side door again and that seems to be what happened.