CoRE - Get peer assistance here with setting up Pistons

Great, I will try there too! Thanks.

Turns out you can just put returns in the text and it works.

Can somebody tell me how can achieve this interfaces over my mobile app?

or this

The only interface that I know working with pistons is this web interface:
Thank you.

The top one is the CoRE app and the second one is the WebCoRE app.
Two different apps the do the same thing.
Use WebCoRE as it is the next generation of CoRE and is more powerful.

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Thank you bobbles!
But how can I install CoRE app I want to try it.

Thank you.

Here is a good starting point.
Without sounding like a broken record, I would go for webCoRE.

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Is there a way to create a trigger for the following:

If there is more than 2 motion activations within 15 minutes then do something.

I am new to the app. I am running into the issue that when I try to set up any piston, if I select something like Date & Time for the if condition, I get a blank white page when I choose “time between” then if I try to go back to it, I get “Something Went Wrong”

Any ideas?

I am still using the SmartApp version of CoRE and I’m trying to setup a piston to turn off a light if it has been on for more than 1 hour between midnight and 6:30am.

What I have tried, but did not work:

Do I need to use variables somehow so it knows when the switch was turned on (I haven’t used variables before), It never seems to evaluate as true even if the light has been on for hours and I check between the time intervals.

Deleted - Wrong thread

Created Laundry Monitors.
Washer & Drier have same settings. Drier monitor works fantastic (1 alert for start, 1 alert for stop).

Washer monitor doesn’t work well (15 alerts for start, spread every 3minutes, 1 alert for stop).

Can someone help me figure out the issue?

Thank you

Where do I see the below screen? I see this screen with the If…Then section all over this post, but I’m not sure where it’s at in the Smarthings web UI. I can create pistons using the SmartThings app, but not on the web. I might just be that stupid.


Nevermind…I think I found it.

Can anyone help with how to cancel an ongoing Philips Hue “fade to level” command?

I have a Piston set to fade my bedroom lights from 1% to 100% over 10 minutes when I hit snooze on my Sleep As Android alarm. The problem is that if I forgot to turn off/change my alarm on a day off, I can’t turn the light off for 10 minutes. It just turns itself back on immediately.

I tried “fade to level (hardware)” but that doesn’t seem to work at all, possibly an issue with the Hue API.

I was also having troubles setting the colour temperature without it changing the brightness to 100%.

Sorry if this has been answered before, I’ve tried searching with no luck.


I have managed to solve this mostly outside of CoRE. I installed “Hue B Smart” which allows scenes to be triggered. I then set up a dim warm glow scene to trigger first, then trigger another scene which is bright daylight white. Using the Android app “All4Hue” I changed the scene transition time to 10 minutes. The lights now fade between the two scenes perfectly and cancel if any other changes are made to the light (i.e turned off with a Hue Tap switch).

If your alerts are based on energy consumption perhaps the issue is that during the start of a wash cycle it alternates between filling with water, spinning and heating. The monitor probably won’t
measure constantly so it may be sampling between higher energy events. Try extending the time window to 3 minutes.


I’m new to CoRE. First of all a couple of general questions:

  1. Why, in the wiki, the latching mode is described as the most complex piston? Aren’t, for example, the and-if or or-if even more complex?
    Latching: The (actions1) are executed if (conditions1) is true, (actions2) are executed if (conditions2) is true
    And-if: The (actions1) are executed if (conditions1) is true, (actions2) are executed if (conditions2) is true, (actions3) are executed if either (conditions1) or (conditions2) is false

  2. within android/smartthings, what does the “play” button on the right of the word CoRE actually do?


Anyway, my main question is about a piston I’m trying to set up, to turn on/off lights based on a motion sensor. I’ve seen the example in here, but my aim was for the sensor NOT to turn off the light unless the light was turned on by the sensor itself. in other words, if I “manually” turn on the light, I would like it to stay on. I tried this, but it doesn’t work:

Any suggestion? Thanks!

Did anyone ever help you find out how to access the attributes of the Gcal switch so you could use the offset switch?

Can Anyone help me with an issue? I want to set up a CORE piston to arm the smart home monitor if BOTH of the following are the case.

  1. Justin’s Iphone is not present
  2. Rachel’s iPhone is not present

However, using the rule in the picture, it keeps arming whenever just Justin or just Rachel is away… Any advice would be helpful :slight_smile:!

Yes. There’s two versions of the DTH in the infofiend/GCal-Search repository, one which includes a time offset for the virtual contact sensor.

For your first condition, only select your phone. Not both yours AND hers. The first condition is evaluating as an OR statement, which is why it’s directing SHM to arm when either of you are way.