CoRE - Get peer assistance here with setting up Pistons

Errors in the logs?

Can’t access, when I try the app crashes

Nothing in api

logs in the IDE, nothing there?

Notta, meant ide not api going on 50 hours without sleep

Nothing in live logs when doing it either

Although not using CoRE, you could use the below. I have found I have had a few devices go from >60% to dead within a day (I swear in one step, but don’t have the logs to show it) so the last event checking is another way to look for non responsive devices.

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I still trying to get this loop working, any ideas?
It turns on and it stays Green for some reason…

Too fast. Slow it down. CoRE won’t even execute the Wait 2 seconds, it will blast through them, as they are too close in time to each other. Try 5s.

This works OK for me.
As has been said, perhaps you need to slow it down.

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I put it 10seconds, now it will finish the piston, but it won’t restart while the Left Back Light is still on.

You are filtering the tasks based on a trigger. Even when the piston is rerun, the tasks are filtered out because of that trigger. Make it a condition if you want the tasks to run while the switch is on as opposed to when the switch turns on.

Switch changes needs to be is.

Alright so I have two conditions, for is Changes and one for Is.
It works now.

But I do want my RGB strip to flash, is this an option since 2s is too fast?

I’m pulling my hair out trying to make a complicated piston… or multiple pistons? I dunno.

I have a heat pump and it’s really only effective in the winter when the outside temperature is above 35 degrees. When the temperature is below 35 degrees I need to use two oil filled space heaters to warm the main areas of my house. The two main areas are the living room upstairs and the bedroom downstairs.

For the living room upstairs, I have the Nest for a temperature sensor. For downstairs, I have a ST multi-purpose sensor for the temperature. Both areas have a single Z-Wave outlet.

In a nutshell, this is what I would like to accomplish…
If the Mode is set to Away for less than 12 hours
and Accuweather temperature is greater than 35 degrees
and Time is between 18:30 and 06:30
and Nest temperature is less than 66 degrees
Then Set the Nest heat point to 68 degrees
And turn off the upstairs outlet
And turn off the downstairs outlet
Or if the Mode is set to Away for less than 12 hours
and Accuweather temperature is less than 35 degrees
(and Nest temperature is less than 66 degrees
and Time is between 18:30 and 22:00
then turn on upstairs outlet (heater)
until nest temperature is 68 degrees
then turn off outlet)
(and downstairs sensor temperature is less than 66 degrees
and Time is between 20:30 and 06:00
then turn on downstairs outlet (heater)
until downstairs sensor temperature is 68 degrees
then turn off outlet)
else set the Nest heat point to 50 degrees
and turn off upstairs outlet
and turn off downstairs outlet

Whew… I think I did all that right… At least that’s the way I think it should work in my head.

Here are my things:
AccuWeather Outside Temperature
Nest Upstairs Temperature
Upstairs Outlet
Upstairs Heater
Downstairs Temperature Sensor
Downstairs Outlet
Downstairs Heater
Cell Phone

Here are my SmartApps:
AccuWeather Connect
Nest Manager
Auto Away based on Cell location

You probably get what I’m trying to do here. Please feel free to ask for clarification if it’s needed. I’m also up for suggestions :slight_smile:

Thank you so much!

How can I adjust lights, but only if they are already on.

Example: Between 4pm and 6pm I want lights to fade from purple to green. I want this to happen to any light in my house that is on but I don’t want CoRE to turn on every light in my house at 4pm. Also if I turn on a light at 5pm I want it to be in sync (color wise) with the lights that were on at 4pm, not to start the 2 hour fade at 5pm.


I changed things around a but and this is what I have so far.


I have a Fortrezz Siren connected to ST.
From the device screen I can run only light or light with siren.
I would like to start only light alarm at some condition and light with alarm at other condition.
I had thought that it could be done through CoRE. However, I could not find an action to set siren mode.

How can I start only light alarm at a specific condition ?


Anyone have any experience cancelling a timer that was started by a separate piston? I’ve read through CoREnotes - Things That Are Smart Wiki but still the timer I want to cancel keeps counting.

I would enable expert mode and combine them into a single piston using when true/when false

2 secoonds seems to be too fast for CoRE.
Is there something I can do to make it loop but change every half second or even 1 second?

I don’t think ST (and z-wave or zigbee for that matter) is suitable for rapid color flashes. Sorry…