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Hey Joe. The post right beneath yours? That’s the fix for what you are wanting to do.

I’m terrible at communicating on the interwebs., I’ll try to be more descriptive…
What I’m trying to do is get a notification via a dimmable lamp if I’ve left the fridge door open.

If the fridge stays open for more 1 minute, turn lamp on to 100%.
Once this happens, if thefridge is closed, the lamp should restore its previous state.
If the contact is opened and then closed within 1 minute, I don’t want the lamp to do anything

in other words:
If contact is open for more than 1 minute
store lamp state
set lamp to on/100%
then if contact is closed (after being open for a minute)
restore lamp state.

Can anyone tell me why this piston doesn’t trigger?

When it gets to 9:00, 9:15, … , 10:00, …

It never fires. The window is open and you can see the condition is blue…

Check what the state of the Window sensors are in ST. That might give you a clue.

Fridge contact sensor is Open
Wait 1 minute
(Cancel on state change)
When True
turn lamp on to 100%

But IF
Fridge contact sensor is Closed
Set Lamp to Off

Something like this would work I think. You need the Cancel on State Change to cancel the light coming on if you shut the fridge door within the minute.

You should post some of your pistons here… Would be helpful for others.:slight_smile:

The state = open.

I think your problem is with the Use Location send push notification.

Lol I started that thread! Have you seen the wiki?

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Ha, excellent! This wiki

That one and this one…

OAuth is enabled, but still getting the “not authorized” message when trying to add any condition to a piston.

I am guessing that CoRE can’t be configured on a Windows 10 Mobile device.

I tried it on the iPad and it works as expected.

I don’t understand why that is an issue.

Yes, all excellent resources! Thanks for posting these!

Your right, I tested the Location Push notification and it works. The one thing that I noticed is your minutes go 00,15,30,45 or 04. I don’t know if this would make a difference but try unselecting them and selecting them in order. This is just a guess because I can’t see anything else wrong with your piston.


So I’m trying to set up a CoRE Piston to help automate my ventilation system in the master bathroom which is controlled via a Aeon Micro Switch. I’ve tried multiple implementations of CoRE, the latest below. I’ve tried a simple rule where if the humidity is above 80%, then switch on the ventilation relay and if less than then switch off. What I found with this was the fluctuations in humidity measurements meant the ventilation system was being switched on and off when humidity hovered around the 80% mark.

I think what I’d like is a rule that takes a less hard and fast approach, so something like IF humidity rises and stays above 80% for 5 minutes, then turn on the ventilation system, otherwise, IF humidity drops below and stays below 80% for 10 minutes then switch the ventilation system off. I’ve tried a CoRE rule like this and it seemed to fail.

My latest rule is

Again, this rules fails. The humidity has been less than 80% for the past day and the ventilation switch hasn’t switched off. Am I missing something here? Does the CoRE rule run all the time, at set intervals?

This works 100% of the time for me.

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I use location.sendPushNotification all the time.

I just added the 04 last night, I was trying to figure out why it didn’t work.

Another option is a purpose built smart app. Ive been using this one for over a year now and its great. It even has an auto off if you turn it on manually too (after number 2 :blush:). I cant find the original post atm but heres a link to the code.

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Very strange that this isn’t working. What happens if you close the window then open it. Does it send a notification. What I mean is if you take the times out and just have it send the notification when the window is opened. See what happens.