CoRE - Get peer assistance here with setting up Pistons

Working perfect now. Thanks!

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How do I pull the current location mode into a variable?

struggling to find a way to do this part…

Hmmmmmm, I wrote that up wrong. I’ll figure this out when I get home.


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I don’t have a piston to show. Cause I’m stuck at the first step.

I want a piston to do this:
If this happens
Wait this amount of time
then check if this happened
Then do this else that.

I thought a then if piston would work. I can’t figure out how to put the wait in between the 2 checks. So I’m struggling to figure out what type of piston to use?

Edit: I think I finally got it. I used a presence stays on for 5 minutes as initial trigger. Then used a then if for rest. We’ll see if it works.

Does anyone have a piston or thought about gradually dimming lights (over a period of several minutes)? The goal is to have, let’s say the bedroom lights over a period of 20-40 minutes gradually dim (sort of simulated sunset).

I’ve looked at this smartapp code by @bravenel but would like to accomplish this within CoRE as one piston instead of creating a separate app and then have a routine to launch it.

I have one that simulates sunrise, could reverse it??

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Hey there can you help me with this. Trying the same with my garage door.
lights are on or lights are off
Capture state to global store.
Then if
Garage opens
When true (group)
Switch on ‘’ ‘’ lights
Turn to red
When false
Restore state from global store
Do nothing.
Is this right

Did you ever have any luck with this?

I’m trying to do almost the exact same thing (a piston that will set the SHM to armed stay when the TV switch is off and the Great Room motion has been inactive for > 15 minutes). My condition for “motion stays inactive for 15 minutes” is always evaluated as false, even though I can check the status of the sensor and tell it’s been in the inactive state for much longer than that.

@bamarayne, I guess someone’s got to add $shmStatus, $locationMode, $currentEventPhysical, $somethingElseThatIsNotYetKnown… what else? LOL

So… I guys that’s a no? I wish the developer of this little app was more interactive here! Lol

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Hi since yestreday it looks to me CoRE doesn’t work proper since the weeks and months before. Anyone else who noticed this yesterday?

Yesterday night and this morning CoRE didn’t fire the piston as expected.

Are there actually any known issues on which side ever?

Thanks for any input on this!

Perfect, thanks!

Ahh…I see. This is what I came by the forum to see. Just to see if it was just me, or others were having problems as well.

I have some Pistons that change Modes for me. My Night and Home ones did not work yesterday or today. But my Evening and Away did.

I wasn’t sure that it was Core specific though, since I had my Good Morning Routine fail yesterday and today as well. But all my other routines seem to be working.

I figured I would jump on help chat when they get in.

Can someone help me with this? This is my first piston and it isn’t working quite right. I have a virtual switch setup and linked to a Routine called Movie Time. When I press the routine the switch will turn “ON” then the piston will run. I have the piston dim three hues lights to 10% and set to Soft White and also the TV Room light dim to 10% and set to Aquamarine. It seems to fire OK but when I check the lights they are only dimmed to 67%. What am I doing wrong?

Both pistons which shall change the mode (execute “Good Morning” and “Good Night”) didn’t work. I had no enough time yesterday night or tomorrow to figure this out more in detail.
But I went into the piston and simulated it to see what’s going wrong and the piston were fired. Mode changed inmidiately from Home to Armed (stay). Same this morning, but only if I simulated the piston and than the status changed. I didn’t change anything on these pistons.

No idea what happend or is going wrong. Will have a look on it today again.


Try reversing the order of Set Color and Set Level. Each Color has a built in Level to it. So you are setting the level to 10%, then changing it again with the Color.

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I do not believe you are doing anything wrong. When the hue bulbs are set to a color, the light level of that color is part of it.

Dark blue could be set to a hue and level 25
Light blue could be the same hue and level 75

The Brightness makes a difference.

What I do with mine is set the color first and then change the brightness to my liking. That works really well for me.

I’d like my Foscam’s to go to a certain preset when motion is detected in areas.

I’m using RBoy’s Foscam DH.

I see there is option "CorE “preset1(…), preset2(…) or preset3(…)” Does that actually mean go topreset?
Do I have to “add a parameter” then pick “string” and enter the name of the preset as named in Foscam?
I just named them 1, 2 and 3 for simplicity.

Thank you

Perfect! Thanks I will try this.