CoRE for Dummies (How to get started and make your first Piston)

Oh ya, that’s my exact same experience. In my learning curve, I originally accepted what they told me, which is why I had to return several products that didn’t work. I will say this though, I’ve be come a raving fan of Iris motion sensors and door/window sensor. They’re inexpensive and work 100% of the time. I haven’t had that experience with my ST accessories. And though I really like the Hue Sensors, I don’t have the skill yet to add them to ST so why bother?

So this is probably an incredibly dumb question but what is this app interface you’re showing here to create this piston? Mine looks totally different. Also, how do you view the actual code?

lol not a dumb question. I had to ask two weeks ago. when you open core from app click the top that’s says dashboard and a url will come up with your pistons. select one and viaola. yes I use iris too. don’t buy the button they don’t last but my multi works. I bought there gd1 for 15 bucks there. Lowe’s has good prices but some work better then others. I’ve also got lowes zwave fire alarm and siren. I buy stuff I don’t even need just for fun projects…lol carefull I have a 1200sqf house and I me over 3k in automation stuff lol love it

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You sound like me. If this keeps up, I may have to sleep on your couch. :wink:

Oh, how do you view the actual code that is generated?

@zonomo adding Hue sensors to ST are extremely easy. Install the device handler from here [BETA] Hue Motion Sensor (beta) (no hue bridge)
and push a pin in the back of the sensor and hold for 10 seconds. Then using the ST app set h for new devices

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Thank you @Townsmcp; I learned from that thread that when I pair it to ST, then I lose the Hue Hub connection. Since I have about 4 of them, and since I’ve never actually installed a Device Handler, I am a tad shy of trying this. Maybe over the weekend. :slight_smile:

I stand corrected. I happen to have an extra on laying around so what the H, I decided to try installing my first DH. Presto. Super Simple! It works, found it no prob. Thank you Sir!

Lol your welcome.
We have found when querying lux levels from any ST app the sensor resets lux level to 0 and tends to come on every time regardless if you have a CoRE piston setup to only bring on a light if lux is below X. The simple way round it it to store lux readings as a global variable. The following pictures are my pistons that work really well. First piston catches lux levels and second piston brings lights on and off below appropriate levels:

Is there a way to use the thermostat set point in the IF?

Sorry for the noob question, I have saved and published CoRE in the IDE, turned on Oauth, saved and published again, and yet it still doesn’t show in the mobile app for me (on Android 7), there’s no ‘My Apps’ category anywhere in Marketplace (is it supposed to appear below ‘+ More’ ?) I also tried deleting it out of the IDE and re-adding it, no change.

I may be wrong but mine is located click automations on the bottom & tap Smart Apps on the top. Scroll down & should show up.

You may want to skip CoRE and dive directly into webCoRE.

I highly recommend WebCore. The web interface makes it much easier to create pistons and to read the logic. Great work!

I’m actually just about to switch over from CoRE to webCoRE and will update this thread with the appropriate links. From what I’ve seen and read already I actually think webCoRE won’t need a “for dummies” but I’m the best person to test that out since boy I sure am a “D”.


I have to once again thank ady624 whose incredible work has make ST as integral in our household as, well, a light switch.

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Early this morning my pistons did a “Recovery”.

What is Recovery?

It’s a sweep performed by CoRE to make sure no piston is left behind by missing time triggers

Does CoRE see a problem or is the sweep a regular or routine maintenance?


Regular routine, setup in settings. webCoRE on the other hand does it only if a piston needs it.

Hello all.

Im trying to create a piston to activate a color changing loop or random hue in my lights. My issue is i want to link it to a routine that i have created (party mode). I know i’m close but i just cant get it to work. I have activated it by using the level change but when i change it to a mode it doesn’t work.

Any thoughts?