CoRE and Piston Rules Engine, first design steps

Rick, time after x triggers twice a day: at x (when it becomes true) and at midnight (when it becomes false). That is normal. If you want things happening at x only, I would recommend using a trigger. The reason the light is not turned on at midnight is because the IF is false. It appears that sometimes the time scheduler is early, making the interval happen right before midnight - therefore turning the light on. I will fix it so that even if the scheduler is a bit early, I still consider it off.

The way you built this, the light will come on only if the door is open and there is motion and it is dark. But it can turn off if motion stops. But then if motion starts again, you’re again conditioned by dark and door open. And the door is closed, according to your piston’s red color… Maybe you mean Motion sensor is inactive and door is closed in the BUT IF?

You are using a time trigger in the IF. Try using the contact changes to open in the BUT IF. If you use triggers, they’re the only ones responsible for reevaluations. So go triggers then :slight_smile: and leave the time as condition.

You. yoooou. you are good you. yoou.

That did it. Thanks!


So I should remove the time trigger from the “but if” and just use the contact “changes to open” trigger (in but if)?

Not sure of your last sentence due to the :slight_smile: being in there.

v0.0.071.20160606 - Alpha test version - Added custom commands for @RBoy’s Blink camera integration.

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Just make the door is open a trigger: changes to open.

It looks like you removed the ability to recursively call a piston so I guess that’s one way to fix it…:disappointed:

Oh… you can’t execute self? :slight_smile: I can readd it, problem is when someone unwittingly creates an infinite continuous loop…

Sorry, here’s to you:

6/06/2016 >>> v0.0.072.20160606 - Alpha test version - Reallowing piston execution of same piston at @krlaframboise’s request

I would like to see the then and else renamed true and false

Beta, beta, beta!!! Just saying… CoRE is working great for me, 30 pistons…all working as intended.

Woahh… Nothing broke with v070? :slight_smile:

I need to add the restrictions and then we’re off to final pre-beta testing and beta. v0.1 :slight_smile:


The current piston is no longer in the list to choose from so I don’t see a way to call itself.

Isn’t the repeat action basically just an infinite loop? Have you thought about adding an input to it for the number of times to repeat?

I will add a loop, and allow for/while/repeat. Hopefully. The repeat action at least has a mandatory delay :wink:

I’ve re-enabled the same piston execute, what version are you on? It’s back in v0.0.072

wow, that was fast. Thanks

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I owed you a fix and I … removed the feature LOL

Like this?

Are the “wait 1 minutes”, “turn off”, “set level to 100%”, “redOn” in the wrong order just in the dashboard? What’s their order in the UI?

Just the dashboard.