Conversion of single switch remote fan

I am looking to purchase and get converting but I have a question on what to do with my fans.

Previous owner wired the home oddly and I am stuck with what I have.

I have a single switch controlling a ceiling fan. For light and fan we have purchased a remote fan.

How would I convert this remote fan to a smart fan? I see that you can by a switch and or z-wave relay but I am concerned I will get either light or fan due to the fact the fan is designed to operate off of a single switch with remote.

Would I need to convert the fan back to a always on “dumb fan” and then wire in the smart switch?

Little help guys?

Sorry to answer your questions with questions.
Your going to have to provide a little more detail of what you have to get more detailed help.
Typical information you need to figure out is if the fan / light combination is powered by a single load wire going into the fan itself (at the fan not the switch box), or is there 2 power wires coming out of the fan itself. One for light one for fan. Some newer fans have a single wire to hook to the power. If this is your case you can’t control the light and Fan separate.
If there is 2 wires (1 for fan power, 1 for light power) you can go many different directions depending on your desires and skill level.

Most people are going to want pictures of your wiring, and descriptions on where power (line is coming from) before they offer any specific guidance.

I myself put a switch in the fan ceiling box to control the fan and used a switch on the wall for the light.
Search the forum this is a popular question.
I’d provide links to topics but I’m working and mobile today. Harder to do on a phone.

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There are several different ways to do it but as @TN_Oldman mentioned, it’s going to depend on the specific brand and model of the fan and the exact type of wiring it has. And the type of bulbs that the light kit takes (chandelier or A19 or…)

If you’d like to take a look at what other people have done to approach this problem, you can use the quick browse lists in the community – created wiki. Look in the project report section and then look for the HVAC list as the fan projects are on that. That should be a lot faster than just searching forum. :sunglasses:

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