Control4 API & SmartThings

Now that Control4 has a public API exposed and available, has there been any effort to provide a link between ST & Control4?

Use Case: All my home automation is in SmartThings / SharpTools. Control4 is installed in my home and provides whole home audio via an 8x8 matrix amp. I would love to be able to control Control4 via ST; add to my ST “Arrive Home From Work” scene to start up Control4 playing Spotify in Zone1 of my home. Or simple voice commands to play ad hoc music in various Control4 zones of my home.

Control4 Authentication

Did Control4 make a public API? Last I checked, the various projects out there were basically reverse engineering the private/undocumented APIs that Control4 used in their mobile apps.

I would note that SharpTools has a Home Assistant integration and it looks like there’s a Control4 Home Assistant integration (which uses the reverse engineered private APIs). So you could setup a Home Assistant integration and connect up your C4 devices through that to SharpTools to ‘bridge’ the two platforms.

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So… unless i misunderstood, that link that i posted uses the Control4 API, which Alexa uses in their Control4 Skill integration.

Did i misunderstand?

The Alexa integration would likely use a direct Cloud to Cloud private API. Nothing about that says its public. Oh, and you need an active 4Sight subscription to do anything remotely (which Alexa cloud would be, even if you’re at home). Our Control4 implementation is still HC series on OS2.x so its not likely to support us anyway.

Sorry for my misunderstanding. My bsd…

Guess I simply thought if an API was available from Alexa to Control4, other platforms would technically be able to do the same.

Sorry, I’m not an API guru by any means…


Back with OS3 Control 4 provided a private REST API for some of their official partners to use, particularly the voice assistants. But as far as I know, it was never made public.

As others have said, some people did manage to reverse engineer some parts of it, and in particular, there is a python implementation for controlling lighting, but it specifically does not control the audio video devices. There may be others that have other capabilities, I don’t know, but they’re all unofficial.

Technically being able to do it doesn’t mean that it’s available for non-partner companies to use. And an official partnership between control4 and smartthings is pretty unlikely, although you never know.

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