Control projector with SkyQ remote? Maybe with Broadlink? (UK)

Hi all,
New here and recently migrated over from a 100% Xiaomi hub and devices to broaden range of supported devices.
My current project is to automate a projector lift, soundbar and Sky Q minibox. Basically, when I press the power button on the Sky Q remote, i’d love the projector lift to drop, then projector turn on. and vice versa when turned off.
The way I was thinking of doing this is via the IR and RF controls.

Projector lift - RF remote control (433Mhz I guess!)
Projector - IR
Sky Q - It will be in a cupboard and understand they are bluetooth remote controls

Given that the Sky Q is bluetooth, I was thinking I could use a smartthing plug socket and monitor for power usage to determine if the box is on or off.
Having tested the power consumption in on and off states, it seems to consume 7w in standby and 8-9w when on.
My concern is here that its a little too close and could see the lift and projector being triggered at the slightest surge.
I was thinking of something like Broadlink RM Pro+ to deal with sending IR command to power the projector on and off and the RF for the projector lift.
Not sure Broadlink RM Pro+ is easily controllable by smartthings.
Happy to head down the Audrano route if required.

Anyone done similar? Any suggestions?

Welcome! That sounds like a very interesting project, and there are quite a few community members who have done something similar, but probably with a different mix of devices…

Also, the first rule of home automation applies: “the model number matters.” So we are going to need to know the brand and model number of your projector, for example. And for the remote that controls it if you currently have one. (I mean a remote that came with the projector lift, not the sky Qthat you are considering)

Finally, what type of phone are you using? Specifically, is it android or iOS? And what country are you in? These can affect what specific solutions are available. :sunglasses:

Thanks for reply!
Based in UK and Sky Q is the mini box connected over mesh network to main Sky Q satellite box - bluetooth remote
Projector is a BenQ TW523P
Projector lift is a generic chinese effort and branded Vogvigo 70cm Projector Bracket Motorized Electric Lift
Soundbar is Majority and IR, but not too worried about controlling this as I’ll probably leave it on anyway.

Was also considering using one of my Aquara contact sensors to dim lights (fibaro dimmer) when lift drops :wink:

For context, the fibaro is not yet fitted and same with lift. They are going into a kitchen which is currently being rewired and fitted.

Android (Samsung Note 10) user myself, but others in house have iphone.