Configure Nest when using SmartThings

(Jeff Christoffersen) #1

I have looked in a number of other posts and haven’t seen the answer to this. There are a lot of them on Nest so I may have missed something. Apologies if that’s the case.

I have had Nest working perfectly for quite a while, first using with dianoga and then notoriousbdg device types, On the Nest side, I basically have all the Nest Sense settings turned off, specifically, Auto-Away, Auto-Schedule, and Early-On.

I don’t have SmartThings setting Away on the Nest but I do have it adjusting the temperature based on mode changes.

I am curious how others have their Nest configured when using it with SmartThings to see if perhaps I could be taken better advantage of the Nest functionality.

Thanks in advance.


Bonus Question: Is there any Nest device type out there that supports setting humidification level?

(Carson Dallum) #2

I ended up doing pretty much what you did. I’ve removed any schedules and/or special settings on the Nest and use ST to simply change the temperature settings based on mode changes. At first I was bothered by this, but I’ve since found it a simpler arrangement to have ST ‘own’ the status of my home and simply use Nest to manage the temperature as it was set by ST.

(Micheal ) #3

I am also using the dianoga code as well ( and similarly I cleared out the schedules, but left the auto away pieces in so that I don’t need to micro-manage the temp in the house when I stay or leave the house during the day.

The one difference is I DO use the Away function…I have DropCams and they integrate with the Nests that when Away it will turn on alerting via the cameras. So, I had to write a small app that follows the modes to switch from home modes (no camera alerting) to away mode (turn on camera alerting).

I can share that if you think it will be useful.

(Marc) #4

I did similar. I deleted all of my schedules and turned off auto-scheduling and I allow my ST presence dictate when My Nest goes into AWAY Mode. I did leave Auto-Away on for the Nest in case ST screws up Mobile Presence, which it’s known to do.

Also, when I go to sleep each night, I adjust the thermostats for all of the room except the bedrooms.

I do want to utilize remote temperature sensors around the house. That is my next project.

(fightingmajor) #5

An easier method is to change the device type of the dropcam to the one created that adds an on/off switch to it. When you leave it will start recording and when you come home it will stop.

(Micheal ) #6

I am unfamiliar with that device type…can you point me to the correct forum entry?

(fightingmajor) #7