Control Lennox M30 HomeKit Thermostat with SmartThings?

I have a thermostat that works with homekit but not with smartthings. I am running homebridge and can see things from ST on homekit. Is there a way to do the opposite, so I can see my thermostat on smartthings and control it.


What’s the brand and model of the thermostat?

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Sorry, the short answer is NO.

The long answer is… theoretically yes. You could create a virtual thermostat and include it in Homebridge and then write rules in Homekit to match the temps up with the real one (not actually shure how this would work exactly - probably only feasible for a couple of setpoints). I have not tried it and I am not sure it will work reliably and without delay…

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The are Lennox M30. At some point they were working with Smarttings I guess but the development stopped. I could not get them working with it.

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Thanks. I will look in to this.

OK, with that model probably the easiest thing will be to include it in a HomeKit scene and then via Homebridge trigger the scene from a SmartThings event.

But as @pizzinini said, it’s just going to be specific predefined scenes. You can’t get full control of the thermostat from smartthings. So you could “set the thermostat to 72°,” but not “turn it Up by 3°“ and you won’t be able to have it automatically follow the virtual thermostat.