Control Alexa\Echo from ST?

(Jg506) #1

Anyone knows of a way to control Alexa (Echo) from ST? I want to be able to turn music off as part of ST automation.

(Jason) #2

search for Ask Alexa and EchoSistant

(Jg506) #3

I am looking for integration in the opposite direction

(Jason) #4

Not possible at this time.

(Bobby) #5

Can you elaborate a little on your specific use case, please? Why do you need to say" Alexa tell SmartThings to stop playing?

(Bobby) #6

Oh you mean like a physical switch type of control, from the ST’s mobile app …?!

(Jg506) #7

Not exactly but if possible it will also satisfy my actual requirement. My requirement is that Echo participates in an automation that turns off all lights and speakers in a room, and I need to run this automation while I’m not in the room.

(Bobby) #8

Ok, are you near ANY Alexa enabled devices (a mobile phone, a smartwatch a Dot?) Triggering Alexa without voice is not possible (at least not within ST universe)…The craziest idea, would be, to have a remote speaker connected to ST… yell “Alexa, stop!”

So, when event X fires the automation, you have a tts message sent to the remote speaker say" Alexa, stop". I had done this with Sonos, Alexa and Google Home just for fun…I was saying Alexa, tell Sonos: Ok Google, turn my TV on…and Google would do it…(you can have similar scenario)

You can do this through EchoSistant or other apps…

(Jg506) #9

Ha! I like this idea. I have Sonos in the same room