Control Alexa\Echo from ST?

Anyone knows of a way to control Alexa (Echo) from ST? I want to be able to turn music off as part of ST automation.

search for Ask Alexa and EchoSistant

I am looking for integration in the opposite direction

Not possible at this time.

Can you elaborate a little on your specific use case, please? Why do you need to say" Alexa tell SmartThings to stop playing?

Oh you mean like a physical switch type of control, from the ST’s mobile app …?!

Not exactly but if possible it will also satisfy my actual requirement. My requirement is that Echo participates in an automation that turns off all lights and speakers in a room, and I need to run this automation while I’m not in the room.

Ok, are you near ANY Alexa enabled devices (a mobile phone, a smartwatch a Dot?) Triggering Alexa without voice is not possible (at least not within ST universe)…The craziest idea, would be, to have a remote speaker connected to ST… yell “Alexa, stop!”

So, when event X fires the automation, you have a tts message sent to the remote speaker say" Alexa, stop". I had done this with Sonos, Alexa and Google Home just for fun…I was saying Alexa, tell Sonos: Ok Google, turn my TV on…and Google would do it…(you can have similar scenario)

You can do this through EchoSistant or other apps…

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Ha! I like this idea. I have Sonos in the same room

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