Control a Kodi / Media box with ST

I am looking for a simple way to get some control over my mediabox+tv in the bedroom. Downstairs i use a receiver, Logitech hub etc. But upstairs i wanna keep it simple, but i wonder how much control i could get and what is the best way to proceed. Right now i use a tv remote to control the tv and a mouse for the media box. I hope i can use my phone instead to control atleast 1 of the 2.

I use a mediabox and a philips tv. Both are plugged into a smart pocketsocket. The tv i have to keep turning on and off by remote i guess. And the mediabox i have to look into the possibility of Wake On Lan.

I have a rule that when power drops X amount the socket turns off. My Kodi / Media box has Wifi and bluetooth on it. Can i make use of this in ST? I would prefer to be able to control the mediabox with ST so i can also watch tv through an app. If it is not possible maybe i can just control Kodi with ST? But in that case i still need to have a mouse nearby to change tv channels if i watch tv through my tv app.

Any suggestions what to do? Or anyone with a similar setup? Any tips are welcome!

I use this to connect to my Kodi.

There is another called Kodi manager but I could never get that to work properly.

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Thanks for the tip! That works perfectly for me downstairs to turn on/off lights when i pauze/play kodi. Also a nice bonus is the tile it creates on ActionTiles.

However for upstairs it is not perfect. I still need a mouse to click on the Kodi icon and to use my TV app. And when i have the mouse there anyway its more likely i will use that. I would prefer a solution that lets me control also the tv app. So im actually looking for a replacement for the mouse.

I’m not sure on that one as you are wanting to take control of the TV.
Or is your Kodi on a android box, Raspberry pi ,Etc ?
You can control certain TVs through SmartThings I have my Sony android TV hooked up to it but no way of replicating a mouse click.

My Kodi is on an android box indeed. Im pretty sure i cannot control my tv, but i can turn it on and off using a smart pocketsocket which is pretty much all i need. To watch tv channels im using an app which is also installed on my android box. So what im looking for is something that can replace the mouse im using for the android box. That way i can start up either Kodi or the TV app with smartthings. And from there i could use the app that you suggested. By the way i did already install that app on my main Kodi which is downstairs and it works really great.

I’m not sure wether tasker can work on your box but if it could you could create a simulated button in SmartThings that when pressed it would start which ever app you choose on the android box.
But your box needs to be able to run the tasker, Sharptools, and Secure settings apps

Sounds like a complicated solution. I will look into it.
Thanks for the tip!

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You might take a look at WebCoRE. I have several pistons controlling several aspects of Kodi. I use the ST app, Alexa commands, my PC and home sensors to do lots of things with Kodi. My Kodi runs on a Raspberry Pi 3. Lots of options. I don’t control my TV…YET. But WebCoRE has added an entire new level of control of my smart home that easily integrates with SmartThings and Alexa.