Control 2 Lamps together?

Hey Everyone,

I have two of the Lamp dimmer modules and I was wondering if there is a way that I could control them together so that I could just have one device labeled Lamps in my smart tiles dashboard?

Thank You everyone!


I use rule machine to do this. Basically create a rule with a trigger (Switch On). And the action is turn on the other light. Then you need another rule with a trigger of (Switch off). You might be able to do this with something else You should also be able to do this with the Lighting Automation as well.

So you just pick to add one of the lights to the tiles and it will turn both on or off.

You can also create a virtual switch if you want to have one switch for both and still switch each individually.

You could use something like a virtual dimmer and have that dimmer control both via Rule Machine.

‘Trend Setter’ is also an option.