Dimplex Fireplace (RF Remote) and ST integration

First off! This community is really awesome and is the reason I decided to jump into the ST eco-system. Now onto my definitely want to try project.

I have a Dimplex 2 sided 39" electric fireplace box. Its a nice device, came with the house, and operates on a very simple RF remote with an on/off switch. If you press the ‘On’ button multiple times it actually will turn on a heating unit, but as I live in warmer climates this is done about once per year.

The trick is to get this device to talk with my ST control hub. The device is not Z-Wave or Zigbee and has no wi-fi capability. Just operates on a standard RF controller. There is no wall switch as I presume the electrical wiring can be found in the attic.

My question is this: is there a device that I can install that will make this a z-wave capable device? I have seen z-wave fan switches and alike but nothing that would accomplish this.

Certainly it has the capability to be turned on/off from a physical switch? If so, I’d recommend a dry contact. I’ve been using the remotec zfm-80 for a year.

Edit: it does. Take a look at the manual. http://www.dimplex.com/cms/publications/7400150000R02.pdf

Looks like it needs a more complex switch. Interesting. I’ll look into it.

If you want to just turn it off and on, a Z-Wave Switch will work. However, if you want to do more, you would probably be making this into a project which I would suggest the use of the Arduino Shield that ST supports.

So the fireplace unit is way more complex than I first thought. I bought the ZFM-80 under the premise that I would run this into the power supply for the fireplace as a replacement for the on/off switch.

Problem being the fireplace has a master on/off switch and a second on/off switch which also controls heat. If you turn off the master on/off switch the second switch automatically also turns off. This would occur at the point of dry contact, the breaker and actually physically turning off the switch.

The wiring diagram for the device included in the instructions is confusing at best.

I don’t believe I can run the dry contact from within the unit because there must always be power and the existence of the master switch essentially reseting the second switch ruins that possibility.

So, let me ask a crazy question to which I know the answer is no. Is there a way to somehow alter the remote (RF) to make it more compatible with smart things or any third party service that could integrate into smart things.

FYI - I also contacted dimplex tech support for their thoughts.

Any progress on this I also have the same fireplace and would love to be able to automate it

Nope. See my thread above. The unit has an on/off switch that is separate and apart from the power line running to the unit… so if the unit is on and you cut the power to the unit; the unit will not come on by simply restoring power unless you (i) use the RF remote or; (ii) manually run on the switch.