Connecting ceiling fan to smartthing

hello all,

im still new with home automation, only have lights right now but i have added 2 new ceiling fans in my house. both run on a single light switch. im looking to see if i can find a remote/reciever combo to connect my ceiling fans to Smartthing. i know there been talk about it but that i read, there was really no take on what model where they bought it. i tried look and even seen people as about what model the unit they got and with no reply so im seeing if anyone can give a list of workable combo units that work with smartthing to control my ceiling fans.

thank you,

What are you hoping to do with this control. Do you want speed control based on temp or just on/off control?

I have 4 fans controlled by GE Z-Wave Toggle switches. I wasn’t interested in speed control because my fans are almost always set to medium. So my fans turn off and on based on temp reported by my Ecobee3. They also turn off as part of the ST “Goodbye” routine when everyone leaves and then back on again when the “I’m Back” routine runs, again based on temp in the home when someone arrives back.

I use the GE Z-Wave fan controllers. For a remote I use my phone, but mostly I tell Alexa through my Dots to turn them on. Like PhilB I originally set one up with just a toggle but later decided it would be nice to control the speed. After setting up one and realizing how nice it was to be to control the fan speed I have now switched them all to the fan controllers.

my main goal is to be able to have have my fan lights turn off and able to control the speed of the fans. i would like to be able to say “alexa turn on dinning room fan.” or Alexa turn on dinning room light. and since they are the same i understand it would be 2 different devices. as well as use my phone as a remote and even set up timmers to turn on fans when temp gets to high.

See the FAQ. It lists the specific models that work with SmartThings.