Connect skydrop to smartthings

quick question,
can i link skydrop to smartthings ?
if so how

You might not need to. Skydrop does all you need; the only reason you might need to interact with it is to suspend it occasionally when you are doing outdoor events on your property. And Alexa via IFTTT can do that.

Unless you have windows that are automated, and you’d want them to auto-close whenever the associated watering zone goes on. Then certainly you’d want fuller integration.

I have smarttiles setup and it would be nice to add the skydrop on the list so i can control it (on off) from my smart tiles as well. so you are correct its a smart water sprinkler system but honestly i would love to have it be in my smart home setup as a controllable device. I am already able to control it via voice (google home) + IFTTT so thats not the issue for me.
so if anyone knows a way i can add it to my smartthings hub please let me know .

I just don’t think that is available right now.

Edit: Corrected by John below but I was referring to direct integration.

They both have an IFTTT channel/service, so you can just use that.

Most people would just set up a virtual switch for this. Once you have created the virtual switch, it will show up on your list of devices just like a physical switch.

You can then turn it on or off manually with smarttiles or turn it on and off in a routine or other automation.

So the SmartThings switch coming on is the “if” in your IFTTT applet and then skydrop turning on is the “that.”

Then create a second IFTTT applet where the SmartThings switch turning off is the “if” and skydrop turning off is the “that.”

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Thank you so much. That did not cross my mind but it’s an excellent way to do it.

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I had trouble pairing my Skydrop and Rachio sprinkler controllers with SmartThings. Should I contact their supports? I think I’m doing everything right but it still won’t work.