Connect home and Alexa

I have no idea how smart home systems work. :dizzy_face:

Do i need a smart plug for the Echo to work with the connect home? or can i just plug it into the wall and it’ll detect it somehow…

how do they all link up? If i want to use Alexa to control everything (thermostat, lights), is there a different app I have to install vs. if I just control everything by clicking through the smartthings app. I’m so confused…HELP!

Alexa is a cloud-to-cloud integration. Essentially you link your Amazon Alexa account and your Samsung/SmartThings account so the services can “talk” to each other. You can use the Alexa app, SmartThings app, or Connect app depending on what you are looking to accomplish, or which you prefer.

Alexa is capable of connecting to some devices without a Connect Home/SmartThings Hub but you will have the most options available if you combine a Hub and Alexa.

Do you currently have any smart home devices? Are there specific scenarios you would like to automate?

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I got the connect home because I needed a router and some minor smart home functions. I got the eccobee thermostat and a kwikset lock that should work with the connect home if i understand correctly? and some smart plugs for table lights and zwave switches. Those can all be controlled through the smartthings app correct? It’s just that if I wanted to do voice control with an echo dot I’ll just have to link my amazon account with the smartthings account correct? and then alexa should be able to control everything through voice? Thanks!

Alexa will do some things on a limited basis with Smartthings or Samsung Connect, but natively it will not do everything. To do more, you will need to install either echosistant or askAlexa to your smarthings app. They were both created by community developers on this forum.

Some things will work directly with Alexa, no hub needed. For example, certain brand of bulbs, certain brands of outlets and Nest thermostats. Ecobee is listed as Alexa compatible but I haven’t used that one.

You don’t need a smart plug for your Echo/Dot. You will need the Amazon Alexa app. Select discover and it will find the devices that it can control.

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