Confused about SmartThings--how do I use the code?


Just got a smartthings hub (with my nvidia shield) yesterday. I installed the smartthings app on my Ipad, Noticed that it does not support my nest thermostat. So I then find that there are some instructions on how to create a way to allow smartthings to see the thermostat:

I’ve read through this a little but am confused. Do I Install the nst manager in a windows based system or is this andriod based? I see there is a code (IDE) kind of window - what application is running this code? This has to be a windows IDE - correct?

I am looking for something to download - but all I see are code samples to import - so confused.

The SmartThings IDE is accessed via a web browser. Nothing to download. You will want to follow the instructions to add Github Integration to simplify maintaining community developed code, like the NST Manager. should help you get started.