Confused about in-wall dimmer switches

I’ve owned the Samsung Smartthings hub for a few months and totally love it. I have a few multipurpose sensor, 2 outlets, and 2 motion sensors. Now I want to get into automated home lighting. My game room uses 4 65w, 120v BR30 Flood Lights bulbs. I am going to change those to 4 65w or 75w equivalent BR30 EcoSmart Dimmable bulbs. On one side of the room there is a light switch that turns the lights on/off and another switch that turns on/off the ceiling fan. On the other of the room, which leads to my office, there is a switch that turns on/off the lights.

What I need is an in-wall 3-way dimmer switch that is compatible with Samsung Smartthings. There are so many options out there and from what little research I’ve done, I can’t find what I need. What are your recommendations?

GE makes a dimmer and “add-on” switch which makes a three way. Other companies have the same and if you search you will find lots of examples.

Also don’t buy the EcoSmart…they are not very good. The only thing they have going for them is the price. I bought a bunch and out of those I got one was DOA, another buzzed when dimmed, and the couple that actually worked just didn’t look good. Ended up with Cree which overall are much better in terms of quality + color “true ness”.

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Are these the two switches you would suggest?

GE Z-Wave Plus In-Wall Smart Dimmer

GE Home Automation 120 VAC 3-Way Auxiliary Add-On Switch

We just got around to replacing some of our incandescent bulbs with LED lights. So far we’ve had good luck with the EcoSmart brand, although we’ve only been using them for about 2 months. There are four in a ceiling fan, non-dimmable. Then there are 8 BR30 in our hall ways and stairs also non-dimmable. We have not received any DOA, thank goodness.

I do appreciate the advise and I’ll look into the Cree lights too.

Besides the smart dimmer switch and slave switche for the lights, you will also need a fan control switch if you want to control the fan as well. Light dimmers will not work for fans


Yup, those will work and as @RLDreams said make sure you buy the Fan Controller for the fan and don’t try to use a dimmer.

That Z-Wave Plus price right now is pretty good too…don’t think I need anymore though.

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That is good to know. Thank you!

They are definitely more affordable than the other options. Thanks again!