Configured SHM delays with Rule Machine


I wanted to detail a mechanism by which I configured two delays with SHM using Rule Machine:

First is an entry delay when SHM is set to “Armed (Away)” and the alarm is triggered.

Second is an exit delay when SHM is set to “Armed (Away)” through the Iris keypad.

You could adapt these for your circumstances.

I will put each configuration in separate replies such that I can upload images later.


Entry delay when SHM set to “Armed (Away)”:

  • Remove all of the triggers from the SHM configuration under “Armed/Away Intrusion Sensors”.
  • Configure a custom, simulated contact sensor device and device handler (with added switch capability) in the IDE. Call it “simulated alarm switch”. This functions like a momentary switch/contact sensor and will open the contact sensor and immediately close when activated in Rule Machine. [post code for custom, simulated contact sensor here]
  • Configure SHM to look for this “simulated alarm switch” as the ONLY trigger under “Armed/Away Intrusion Sensors”.
  • Configure SHM to activate your siren when an alarm condition is present. I use the Aeon Labs siren.
  • Configure a Rule Machine rule to monitor for all of the Armed/Away triggers. I configured a “Conditional Trigger” in RM where by the trigger events were all of my door contact sensors and motion sensors. The rule is true when the SHM state is “Arm (Away)”. On TRUE, I have an action for an immediate push notification (with device name included to let me know what triggered) and a delayed action to turn on the “simulated alarm switch” after 45 seconds (all within the same rule).

The way this works: An intrusion while SHM is in “Armed (Away)” mode will be detected by the Rule, resulting in an immediate push notification of the alarm condition, but SHM remains untriggered at this point. After 45 seconds, the Rule will set the simulated switch to “open”, which is detected by SHM. SHM will sound the siren as soon as this switch is detected. Setting the SHM state to “Disarm” before the 45 second timer will prevent the simulated switch from opening. Setting SHM to “Disarm” after the 45 second timer (or acknowledging the alarm in SHM) will turn off the siren. Since the simulated switch immediately closes after opening, it resets itself and requires no further rule action.

Exit delay when SHM set to "Armed (Away) through Iris keypad:


Nice buy seems overly complicated with virtual devices and stuff I now just use smart alarm

I did this method a while back and it works great. I still haven’t installed Smart Alarm…I must be a masochist…

It’s a little complicated, but it allows me to retain the SHM dashboard. I tried Smart Alarm a couple of times, but it felt a lot more clunky in how it operated. Although my method requires some up-front effort, it feels “cleaner” in terms of how it operates.

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I use Smart Alarm as it is smarter than SHM. It has delays for exit and entry I use the IRIS keypad to arm and disarm. I am warned to disarm when I enter by my hall lights flashing as soon as my entry door is opened, which gives me 30 seconds to disarm. I won’t use SHM until the delays are added. And they should also include the manager for the keypad and hopefully get the keypad to beep on entry. The panic button working would be fantastic. I thought our community members would have had all this figured out by now, but I guess no one is working on this.

I just use SHM without a siren.

The few false alarms I had were only annoyances.

Has anyone attempted this in CoRE?