Compatibility website

Is there a website out there where you can list your smart home products and see what is compatible with what?

There is one, but it can be quite deceptive because it lists anything that has an IFTTT service as being compatible with anything else that has an IFTTT service even if in fact they won’t work together because the proper triggers and events are not available. Also, if you have two hubs and each hub has an IFTTT service, it will say their end devices, like a key fob, is compatible with the second hub even though it has to have its own first hub to work. So I’m not crazy about it, but I don’t know that there’s anything better.

What in particular were you hoping to check on, or were you just curious?

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Just curious. Starting to get more into home automation. It’s becoming an obsession lol.

There’s a thread for that. :wink:


I really like the Hue lights but the price is a bit steep.I started with a Wink Hub 2 and some Cree Connected lights. I’m changing over to the newest hub as both me and the Mrs have Samsung phones and watches. I also have some WeMo plugs, Echo Dots, an Arlo cam, Honeywell WiFi Thermostat, August lock, and a regular Echo.

Check out the Deals forum. Some people were able to get Iris smart plugs for under $10 at Lowes. That’s when you know you’re really hooked, you start to carry your own inventory of smart devices.

Thanks! Will definitely check it out.