Command to device collection misses some devices

(Dan) #1

I have an endpoint defined where I send a command to a group of devices.

The preference section has this:

input “group1”, “capability.switch”, title: “Group 1?”, multiple: true, required: false

And then I update it like this:

devices?."$command"(delay: 100)

I find that occasionally one of the lights don’t go on or off. I added the second line above (repeating the command 100ms later) , which helped a lot, but still sometimes one of the lights are missed. It’s not always the same one.

Any ideas as to why this would happen? The lights are GE Links (I think). They are ZigBee and work directly with the hub. The lights are all within a 6-7 foot line, about 40 feet from the hub, with a vanity bathroom between the hub and the lights.


(Bruce) #2

I have the same problem with some z-wave devices. Seems random, but some commands definitely vanish. Similar context, of many devices getting touched at once. Very frustrating!!