Two motion sensors checking on each other

I have Sonoff motion sensors in the garage but at night time they often falsely (report) switch on lights. I have currently set it up through Smartthings automation, if front or the back motion sensor detect movements to switch on the lights. I know Sonoff stuff are cheap and can be unreliable but I don’t want to buy an expensive motion sensor yet.
I had an idea and I’ve been looking for a solution but to no avail.
I was thinking if I put 2 x motion sensors (to detect the same location), code them to check on each other before triggering a virtual switch that will then switch on the light. For example if motion A sensor falsely reports a movement and sensor B didn’t see movement then it (the virtual switch) will not trigger the light.
I have seen this thread Combine 2 motion sensors into 1 virtual/simulated motion sensor? but this is combining the sensors
Please advise!

seems like you want a similar concept as the thread you linked. It is sometimes called “cross zoning” in burglar alarm systems. I do not have a recommendation about how to implement cross-zoning recently.

You think the cause may be insects or spiders on the sensors? I have/had that issue, creating false alarms/motions. Sticky traps will reduce the bugs and the false reports. These (Catchmaster) work great:

There is a surprising amount of activity in MY garage at night, between dust-motes close to the camera, and moths, and occasional mice. Perhaps yours is real activity and you want to put out some mouse traps.

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thanks, no definitely no mouse moving or any insects (it’s too cold for them on the UK). I have taken the sensors apart and cleaned it, I have even replaced one but the problem remains the same. I think when it gets cold at night time the sensor plays up.