Combination Light Switch & Motion Sensor w/ Z-Wave

Why aren’t there any light switches on the market that have both motion sensors and z-wave capabilities?

There are light switches with z-wave, and there are light switches with motion sensors, like this device from Lutron.

But why aren’t there any devices with both?


It’s a form factor issue when fitting into a conventional lightbox. In the past, zwave devices were pretty big, there just wasn’t enough room to fit both the network communication device and the motion sensor into a lightbox.

However, with Z wave plus, it is possible to make a smaller zwave device. This is why all of aeotec’s newest generation devices make a big deal out of being physically smaller than the previous generation.

So I wouldn’t be surprised to see this kind of combination available late this year or sometime in 2016. It just wasn’t possible before.

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This would be really handy for the classic “security flood light”, I think. Millions (?) of homes use these, but they have no communication and, usually, no way of temporarily overriding the simple motion/on/wait/off sequence (except to cut a main power switch and lock it in “off” mode).

These aren’t networked, but as I’ve mentioned before I really like the Mr. Beams brand outdoor lights. They do offer motion sensor floodlights with a remote.

There are none? What are these people talking about? It is z-wave! get a z-wave motion sensor and a z-wave light switch and a basic 15 usd flood light housing…

Wire them up and setup your controllor to when motion is detected to have the controller switch the light on.

There are no combination of both of these because it does not make any sense. You seem to be missing the point of z-wave.

It makes perfect sense from an aesthetics standpoint, which is why these exist for other radio frequency protocols. For example Lutron, the biggest maker of RF automated light switches, has their maestro occupancy series which are very popular. But it uses their own patented protocol which has a much smaller antenna than Z wave and fits in a single gang box. And unfortunately it’s not currently compatible with smartthings.

SmartenIT also makes a zigbee one which is very popular with hotels. Again, though, the form factor is a little off for many people as a home device.

I agree absolutely that something similar could be done with 2 zwave devices, A separate sensor and a light switch, and we have discussed that several times in detail in the forums in the past.

That said, I have no doubt that if a Z wave version did fit in a single gang box. We would see companies making them and people buying them. The only reason zwave versions are not made for a single gang box now is they don’t physically fit.

I’m all in favor of options when it comes to devices. It’s rare that there’s a single solution for everybody, because people’s use cases and priorities, including their aesthetic priorities, differ.

Submitted with respect.

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