Color Control Tile Issue

I’m having trouble with a color control tile. Below is the code for the tile and the setColor command. After publishing the device handler, I pick a color off the control and it logs…

Setting color to: [red:255, hex:#FFFFFF, blue:255, saturation:0.0, hue:0.0, green:255, alpha:1.0]

This is regardless of the color I choose. Then after that initial one, it no longer calls setColor unless I re-publish the device handler.

controlTile("rgbSelector", "device.color", "color", height: 2, width: 2,
            inactiveLabel: false) {
    state "color", action: "color control.setColor"

def setColor(color){
log.debug “Setting color to: $color”

def commandName = "Color";
def payload = color.hex;

log.debug "COMMAND: $commandName ($payload)"

def command = createCommand(commandName, payload, "setColorCallback");

sendEvent(name: "color", value: color.hex, isStateChange: true);


Also, the example posted on their documentation in GIT has the same issue.

Ok, I think I see what’s going on now. There is also a slider below the ring which has to be moved up. Kind of a clunky control in my opinion. Is there a different option besides having it in a multiattribute tile?