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Chromecast Audio Potential

(Jason) #99

Here’s where I’m at in my build so far.
Here’s my 15u cabinet (said 18 above and I’m too lazy to go edit it).
This houses my server, patch panel, switch (awaiting a proper rack mountable 24 port Gb replacement, 10/100 until I catch a sale on the one I want).
This also houses my Dayton Audio MA1240a Multi-Zone 12 Channel Amplifier, 6 Chromecast Audio devices and my Smartthings hub.
I have 6 distinct zones in the house, each with its own Chromecast Audio device.
I wanted to over-design my allowing up to 6 individual audio streams to be playable at any time in whichever zone.
The Chromecasts were ideal in that they allowed this but gave me a perfect sync between any of the zones/devices.
I have three groups defined for “entire home” or “master bed / bath” and “living room/hall” as well as the 6 separate zones.
I have room for up to four more zones since I’m running mono on several inputs and can basically tie another Chromecast into the empty channel on the amp. This will be for adding the garage and backyard down the road. Not anxious to crawl under and above the house again anytime soon.
Lots more cable management and a few more components to throw in but so far, so good.
We are streaming mostly via Plex for music off the server and a few other apps for phone based music.
I also just got a first gen Airport Express that I’m playing with and so far that works great.
Hope all this made sense. I’m a bit sleepy :slight_smile:


(Andrew Wrzesinski) #100

Yep make sense:) I all most bought that same amp.


(Jason) #101

It’s been rock solid. I’ve wired a 12v adapter to go in the amp’s trigger port. That adapter will be connected to a Z-wave outlet that will trigger it on and off as needed per routines, just to bring this back to home automation a bit.
All fun stuff for sure


(DavidK) #102

Can you control the volume entirely with the chromecast app?

Or do you have to go to your data closet to the amp and adjust the volume from there?


(Jason) #103

I set the max volumes on the amp first then when at a level I knew I’d never want to change, all volumes change from the phone, iPad etc.
each device has its own volume that not only adjustable from within the Google cast app, but from the Plex app and other apps as well.
Additionally, even when grouped in a sync zone, each still has its own level if I want to jump over to the Cast app.
We never do that though.
We only use the Cast app for the rare time that a device is stuck streaming.


(Joel) #104

Very nice mate.!


Chromecast, another control option
(jonathan) #105

Don’t suppose there is any news on this?? I am all chromecasted up throughout my house and have major sound jealousy on my friends smartthings sonus capabilities against my silent SHM alarm!


(Adam Rhoades) #106

I’ve had some initial success using the Chromecast Audios to play voice prompts etc.

I’m using Bubble UPnp server on a mac mini and Generic DLNA Player to Smartthings v 2.0.1

Bubble UPnP allows you to select Chomecast audios (and groups) and make them DNLA Renderers, theres a few seconds lag as it initiates the connection, but sounds fine.

I’ve been able to use the Sonos smart apps to read the weather and some custom voice prompts.


(Dennis Tegenbosch) #107

Adam, good job for letting us know!

I recently bought a few Chromecast Audios which i wired to some surroundset speakers all over the house, powered by a cheap amplefier, and they worked with Spotify. But now they also work with smartthings!

I have a nexus 7 in my livingroom on the wall which controles the house etc. There i installed the server version of BubbleUpnp, made my chromecast’s DLNA and it works. I don´t even need a computer for having the server active, as i already have the tablet :slight_smile:

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(jonathan) #108

Excellent. Also have a Mac mini sat there so now I have a weekend project. Cheers guys!


(Dmitry Mukhach) #109

Any news about official integration Google Chromecast Audio with SmartThings?

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(Kevin) #110

Do you have the original Nexus7 (2012) or the later 2013 model? I have the original and really wonder if it could keep up. It’s really slow these days.


(Dennis Tegenbosch) #111

I have the Nexus 7 2013 version, which is working fine.


(Cesar Silva) #112

What amplifier are you using? Can you post the link so I can buy?


(Dennis Tegenbosch) #113

i am using this one:

Works great :slight_smile:


(Dr Surround) #114

Hello, I’m not having much luck with this solution (and it would be so cool if it worked!):

  • I am running BubbleUPnP with 5 Chromecast devices.
  • Next to each I have checked “Create a DLNA renderer”.
  • Unfortunately MediaRenderer(Connect) only finds one of the devices Kitchen.
  • When I create a rule using the device it shows a different device Backyard. When I send TTS, the audio actually comes out of the Backyard Chromecast Audio device.
    Has anyone else had luck with Generic DLNA Player to Smartthings v 2.0.1?

(Dean Smith) #115

I second this! Any news? @slagle @Aaron


(Ant) #116

I cant imagine this will be a priority for Google given the pending Google Home product launch in October. My guess would be that Google Home will have the ability to fully control chrome cast audio’s and we just have to pray they decide to open something up for SmartThings to hook into (which given Nest doesnt officially integrate) is questionable in my mind.

I really hope Google can bring these in cheaper than the Echo - which if you think about it - given the Echo has a big old speaker in it for music - Google could just undercut and say if you want audio - use the CC audio’s and get higher quality sound through your normal set ups. If they dont support SmartThings but do support a competitors hub to control Zigbee / Zwave it would certainly sway me to switch as CC audio’s are a great product and more versatile than Sonos imo. Having integration for these is high up on my list of wants.

Any updates at all @slagle @Aaron ? Even we have no more updates - is a valid update so we at least know nothing has progressed.



(Tim Slagle) #117

Nothing new to share.


(Tommy Dempsey) #119

It’s because he is using just the IP as the unique ID, and all of your bubble pnp dlna speakers come from the same IP. He has fixed this in the beta version that’s in the same repository. It would be so great if they could just add support to smartthings for Chromecast like they have for sonos and Samsung.