Chime/Siren recommendation?

Intended use: primary as a siren for smoke/co alarm, I have a bunch of first alert zcombo, as they are not networked if the alarm goes off in the garage, I’m not going to hear it upstair in the middle of the night.

secondary use, if I can get the first working I will consider setting up a security system with windows/door sensors

Must have features
Zigbee/Zwave - not wifi
Physical button on the siren I can use to turn off the siren

Bonus features
Programmable sounds/siren/alert so I can tell fire alarm vs security alarm etc

I tried the Aeotec doorbell 6 and 2 units die on me pretty quick. Luckily they were from Amazon and I was able to refund them.

Its the physical button part that’s a stumbling block for me, as the Zooz or fortrezz or Dome doesn’t appear to have a button that can disable the siren?

I haven’t come across a zwave or zigbee siren with a button on it to silence it. That would defeat it’s purpose as a security device.

You can find some recommendations for Chimes on the first post of this topic, some of them are also Sirens: [RELEASE] Door Chimes and Notifications for Doorbells and Sensors

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You could do it with any SmartThigns compatible siren and a separate button device pretty easy. I like my Dome siren for it’s different chimes.

The Aeotec can do it (button to turn off siren), if they just don’t keep dying on me. Reliability (as in keep working, not the false alarm which is more a sensor thing) is pretty important. I dont want a fire to happen and the siren being dead. For my use case its more a wake me up in the middle of the night than to scare away the burglar.

can the dome do local association? I don’t want the button miimote to have to go through the ST hub

Good question. Maybe @krlaframboise or @RBoy know.

If you add the siren’s device network id to another device’s association group that sends Basic Set 0xFF for on and Basic Set 0x00 for off then it should work.

My handler is using switch binary set to turn the siren on and off so I’m not sure if basic set will activate the siren or the chime, but it should do something…