ChatGPT warning re: edge drivers

ChatGPT is based on data with a cutoff date of 2021. A huge number of things have changed on the SmartThings platform since then, including in edge driver functions. So if you ask it to create an edge driver, it is very likely that you will get something that at first glance looks OK, but that either won’t work at all, or won’t produce the results you want. Or won’t produce the best results.

So far, there have been a couple of examples here and over on other forums and they have all included obsolete or nonexistent methods.

Eventually (and wouldn’t that be great! :rocket:) generative AI might be a fast and easy way to help write edge Drivers, but for right now it’s just too out of date. And too prone to hallucinations.

If you are a coder and want to play around with it to see how it goes, it’s of course up to you. It’s your time and effort.

If you are a non coder hoping this is the magic wand you need, it’s not. :disappointed_relieved: Not yet, anyway. :bubbles: :bomb:

If you do get some code from an AI that doesn’t work and you want help fixing it, please state in the first line of your post that it was generated or partially generated by an AI, and which one. That will help coders taking a look at it know what kinds of errors to look for and get you better responses. :robot:

Also, please do not respond to others’ requests for help with AI-generated code unless you have tested it and know it works. Because a lot of it doesn’t. :broken_heart:

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I have been using Copilot since the beginning because I have no knowledge in Lua. Since ST uses popular Lua libraries and frameworks, Copilot performs pretty well.

That is why I don’t think the regular JSON syntax will become popular.

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