Charts in Device Details

So I discovered there was a device type for the Smartthings Multi + Graph. So I created a custom device type for the Aeon multi. However, when I look at the code for the chart it references “3axis” i have changed these values to 2 and four and nothing has happened. Question is are there other chart types? I would love to have Temp and humidity on the same graph.


chartTile(name: "temperatureChart", attribute: "device.temperature")
	valueTile("3axis", "device.threeAxis", decoration: "flat", wordWrap: false) {
		state("threeAxis", label:'${currentValue}', unit:"", backgroundColor:"#ffffff")

What the device type looks like:


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After watching this for a few days I do like having the charts in there. Though, it doesn’t seem like its ready for primetime yet. The behavior is a bit inconsistent. On some of the x-axis the date is displayed on some they aren’t. Some times it seems to be in sync with the current day/hour sometimes it seems it was a day ago. Need to play with it more but so far its a nice add.

That is awesome!

This should be a configuration option within the device thing tile. You should be able to show / hide charts without having to change device type, etc. Anything we can do to keep “regular people” from having to go to the IDE is a good thing.

That’s pretty cool. Works on my iPhone app. Not my android app though.

@Ben do you know the limitations of these graphs? I’d love to show a ton of stuff :). I’m imagining a way to see how “active your house was” today. Generating home reports off this data. Like a notification that will tell you some cool stuff

Maybe stuff like the following:

  • Min and max temps/light/and humidity values for the day.
  • Your doors were open for X amount of time
  • Central air ran for 37 minutes today
  • Your dog peed on the rug 9 times today… I hope not but illustrate the limitlessness haha.

Then you could start to correlate this stuff and use some cool equations and statistical mapping that would tell you how efficient your home is… like you kept your doors/window were open 13 minutes longer than normal today and your thermostat ran 47 minutes longer as a result. Or… your thermostat ran for 13 minutes total today and cost $13 (because you provided smartthings with your heaters KwH rating)… how cool is that!?

Then you could participate in a community that would rank you among people in the community for whose home is the most efficient and who was the busiest today… who waters there plants the best… whose house has the cleanest air… compete with family members… compete with the world… it would be awesome!

Oh!!! Another idea!!! Smartthings people in the area could sign up for a neighborhood watch type thing!!! For instance, Ben, Twack, and I live near each other and we want to keep an eye on our houses. When I am away and something “weird” happens at my house Twack and Ben will get a notification that there is motion on 3 motion sensors and my back door was opened. They can go check it out for me! How cool would that be! The “SmartThings Family” watching out for each other… Neighborhood watch brought a step ahead by the IoT!!

These types of things are why smartthings is the best option for smart homes!!!

Due to it being in the cloud the possibilities are endless and I am really looking forward to the next steps as far as community and daily outputs of how your house operates!!!

Super exciting stuff!!

Sorry for the random rant lol.


@tslagle13 Rants are always welcome here. I think you are right on. Being able to visualize all of this data thats going in is important and useful. That being said…I am just hoping now they have Ecobee working that they support the energy monitoring features of it since mine is connected to my smart meter. That is probably the chart I look at the most. Obviously, being able to correlate the electricity data with who is home and leaving the TV and lights on is my next step :smile:

Very nice. I like all your ideas!!! Sorry you leave near @ben and @wackware. :smile:

HAHA! i actually don’t. Just an example. Good thing huh? JK!

Do charts actually work? I am on android and I get nothing in the chart area.

Works in iOS. I recall seeing somewhere something about charts not on android yet. But I could be crazy.

thanks, confirmed with my development iPad, but the data didn’t show up… Wish there was some sort of known issues list, bug tracker, etc.

took a bit the first time to populate the chart and the I still haven’t figured out what determines the x-axis but it seems to be a bit all over the place.

I just ran across the custom device type in the IDE…I am pretty sure it wasn’t meant for prime time yet.

I have been talking with @scottvlaminck and @jesse and they say the way forward is to use D3:

It is very slick and some of the partners we are working with are using it. Our support isn’t full yet but it is a nice option. At some point we will be removing the charting in use by OP above.

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Is chartTile still valid for use? Or some alternative?

@steve_vlaminck? Do you know?

I would be very surprised if it did. Unfortunately, it was never officially supported. It was something that I was toying with in my free time, and never became a feature. I hope to revisit it in the future, but I don’t anticipate that happening any time soon. Sorry :frowning:

It is a cool tile. Hopefully as things settle down you will be able to get back to it.


I realize this is from a few years ago…but I like that Steve, nice job. :wink: I had been looking for a way to put a few graphs in things recently, unfortunately I have android devices. I did find an alternative using a image version of the google graph API and the carouselTile, but the chartTile thing is pretty simple and clean.

I just managed to get a chart working using htmlTile and Google Charts - not quite as simple but much more customizable:

(tested on iOS only so far)