Changing user codes on Kwikset locks?

I have two KS 914 door locks (Zigbee) and one KS 910 (Z-wave). Both require me to set up or change the user codes by manually programming through the lock itself. However, the install/user manual also states “It is recommended that you add and delete all user codes through your smart home system”. All three locks are connected to my ST hub and work well but from time to time I need to make user code changes and doing so manually is time consuming. I cannot find any way through the app to make these changes. What am I missing or is this not possible with Kwikset locks? Thanks.

Add the smartapp —> Smart Lock Guest Access if it is available in your region (country). There is also a commercial option available through @rboy apps.


I believe this is app jkp is taking about, it has more features than the built in app which is great for creating permanent users but you can’t control notifications or create actions in the built in app

Thanks for the good recomendations. I have installed the smartapp for now.