Changing Email for Login upon Selling House (2020)

As @FakeThinkpad said Export feature would be great.
Also to keep a backup for yourself e.g. incase of getting new hub or trying to revert changes… or making bulk changes to the config and uploading it all at once.

I’m very interested in this thread as a house is generally the most valuable thing we own, and I clearly don’t want something that I thought would be a selling point, become a negative!

This solution appears neat. I have 50 or so Fibaro modules and plan to leave them in my house if I ever sell, and don’t want to be saying to the new owners that they need to set up everything from scratch. I also am not sure how easy it is to rewire everything back to dumb switches.

I see some people have indicated issues with this approach, though I’m not sure I understand them. Just set up a SmartThings login where the email address is ‘theHouse’ and then all the buyer has to do is to change this address to their own one?

Anyone see why this won’t work? Hope not!!

Just went through this in Massachusetts. Since in MA you need to leave everything that is physically installed (switches, light bulbs, sensors, etc., I ended up resetting the hub, getting a Samsung ID provided by the buyer, and re-pairing all the devices.

There is a subtlety to be aware of: The county in which the Samsung ID is created controls what Smart Apps the account holder can use. One of my buyers already had a non-US account for a phone, and lock management was not available until they switched it to the US.

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Ok - but I only have Fibaro Dimmers and a few other Fibaro modules. Hopefully the suggestion of switching SmartThings to a house email is a good bridge to give the new owner, and then they can change it to their own email address if they wish?


Yes. That is what I did last year (100+ Fibaro dimmers/relays).

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Thanks Daniel. Just to be sure, you’re saying you switched your personal Samsung login to a more generic house one, and this kept all your SmartThings settings and devices, and allowed you’d to give it to the purchasers of your house, who could then change the Samsung login to their own personal email if the wanted?

Or they can just change the password

That is correct. By changing to a house email and a simple password, they can take it over and change password and email if they prefer.

unless your current SmartThings id is used on any existing Samsung branded Android phone… You cannot have a separate SmartThings ID and Samsung ID on a Galaxy phone - to change the Samsung ID on a Galaxy phone is a device reset. So if this is the case you’d have to hard reset your phone to hand over the ID.

I still stand on the fact I will NEVER hand over a configured smart home setup to a new homeowner and change the ID. I’d still buy the new homeowner a new hub and a bottle of wine and hand over the book of documentation on the gear that’s been installed and factory reset for them. I wont rehash my earlier post - it’s still valid.


This is my feeling as well, and also, as noted above, the advice of the FTC.

Before you show the house, reset everything to just out of the box condition, so you are selling only the hardware, not any automations you have created. Otherwise, you have a responsibility to keep it functioning that you really don’t want.

Also something that you might think is really cool someone else might find creepy, and that could lose you a sale.

Speaking just for myself, I think the only smart home devices I would leave active are motorized shades with a handheld button remote that works locally. I think that almost always demos well. And I would probably leave the non-networked motion light we have in the laundry area. It’s super simple: someone walks into the area, the light comes on. No radio, nothing listening to you, nothing to hack. It’s like the light coming on in the refrigerator when you open the door. And again, I think it demos well.

Obviously, it’s your choice, and I think the best advice is the one in the Tom’s guide article I just linked to: before you do anything, talk to a local realtor and see what they advise. Maybe smart devices are a big plus in your neighborhood, maybe they turn people off. The realtor should know. :sunglasses:


I’d get rid of any automations before demo-ing it, and handing it over. Would just keep the simple ability to turn lights on and off, and to dim.

I don’t have an android phone, so sounds like there wouldn’t be a problem changing the SmartThings Samsung email/ username to a house one, and then allow the new purchaser to either use that (and change the password) or to change the email to something more personal to them.


This issue shows the short term vision of ST under Samsung’s ownership. Little consideration is given to the customer’s large investment nor the permanent nature of the installed hardware. ST is expressly designed to require cloud integration. Given that foundation, a rational expectation is that an owner could transfer that investment to another individual without making the new owner decide between breaking their other Samsung integrations or rebuilding the integration from scratch.

I know that all of this has been been discussed before, but it weighs on me whenever considering the next time I need to sell my house.