Change ST mode

Is there a way to change the Mode (i.e. Away/Home/Night) within the app? I’m using iOS, and I cannot change the mode unless I have a routine do it. The only way I can even find the mode is by clicking the “More” tab at the bottom (It tells you the mode at the top of the screen, but you cannot change it here), and then click the gear at the top. This takes you to a screen wher the modes are listed at the bottom, but you cannot change them.

TLDR: Does anyone know how to change the mode within the app without running a routine?

You used to be able to, but they removed the ability in late 2015 and they never put it back. I don’t know why. :disappointed_relieved:

So now you have two options. Either a routine, as you mentioned, or set up a virtual switch and have that switch coming on run a routine which changes the mode.

If you set up a room for your mode switches, which many of us have done, it may be faster to get to if that’s the issue.

Alternatively, if you just stick with a routine, you can make the routine into a widget so that also gives you quicker access.

In my personal opinion, none of these is as satisfying as the original method of just being able to change it through the app but there it is. At our house, we use mode switches in a room just so we don’t have to scroll through all the other routines.


Solid response.

I have been looking at this too
I’m setting up a couple of water sensors and switches to run routines and mode changes.
So I’ve been working on a little smartapp that responds to water sensors or virtual switches and changes modes or runs routines.

You are welcome to try the code if you wish.
You just need to configure a virtual switch for each mode you want to activate.

At the moment it is just coded for one switch (although could be installed multiple times) but I will probably change that to add a few more

changing the mode with a routine is simple. And you can also just create routine that changes the mode and then just run that routine. But that way you have to create a routine for each mode. The OP is asking if there is a way within the app to select the mode, similar to how you can use the app so set armed/disarmed.

yes but it seems if you add a mode through the IDE, it doesnt show up in Webcore for example.

Mode added just today. Working here.
My mode is named 1pm-3pm