Central Heating & Hot Water Control using Secure SSR302 & SRT321

Hi. First post. Attempting to move over to SmartThings from previous Vera Lite controller using PLEG that I used to control central heating and hot water via a Secure SSR302 (2 channel boiler receiver/switch) and SRT321 (room thermostat).

Bit of a baptism of fire last night trying to understand the history of SmartThings, but I seem to have got the basics down in terms of Classic App vs New App, device handlers and SmartApps.

I’ve managed to get basic on/off hot water control by installing the DH and SmartApp from this thread using the Classic App on Android: https://community.smartthings.com/t/release-secure-ssr-302-boiler-actuator/45195

However, I’ve run into the whole problem of the DH and SmartApp not working properly in the New App (it doesn’t ‘see’ the two channels of the boiler receiver/switch and it doesn’t link the thermostat to receiver). It means I’ve got no central heating control and the therostats (virtual and real) aren’t sending on/off signals to the boiler receiver.

I’ve can’t seem to find any specific code written for the SSR302 and SRT321 to allow these to work under the new app. Does anyone know of where I should be looking to try and find new code written for the new app to control these devices?

If not, where do I start in terms of forking the original code to get it to work under the new app? What has changed between the two apps that is making old code no longer work in the new app? Is there a FAQ on how to convert code from classic to new app?

Thanks, Jonny

Take a look at this, my latest replies. See if that helps at all. I don’t use the thermostat as part of my setup, nor the new app, but the boiler switch recently stopped working after a recent firmware update… The new Dth I posted helped it work again.

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