Ceiling fan light only dimmer

I am looking to use a switch with a dimmer so that when the light is on, I can turn the fan on with the string. We really never us the fan but I want the option of turning it on the old fashioned way :slight_smile: but want to be able to control the light via ST

If the fan and light are on the same wall switch but have separate pull chains, by far the most practical solution is a smart bulb.

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What @Glen_King said. I’m no expert but you can’t dim the power provided to the fan from the switch.


This person asked the same question.

Your other option is possibly putting the all in one referenced in his thread.

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i have those small bulbs (A15) I believe so smart bulbs are not an option

Depends on the fixture. The base of the A19 will screw into the same receptical as an A15. However depending on the fixture it may not look good. It’s a personal choice. I have A19 bulbs in all my cealing fans.

yea, but the fixture uses 3 bulbs …i guess I can group the bulbs together

I did 2 switches, 1 for the fan 1 for the light.

did not want to add any switches, but it may be the easiest option

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took 5 min to install each one.

If there’s room, and depending on your wiring, and comfort level.

People have (myself included) put a GE fan switch under the fan shroud. Was TIGHT but I got it in. If I did it all over I would probably wait and see if the all in one deal (link pointed to) works well and becomes readily available.
Some people have the fan switch in the wall and a micro dimmer under the fan shroud to control the lights.

Just a friendly FYI

Not very friendly options, since in either situation one switch is hidden. Have to use another means to actuate it. Depends on personal taste and such.