Ceiling fan/light combo & Lutron Caseta dimmer

I have several ceiling fan/light combos that are operated by two switches.

Switch 1 - dimmer, controls lights only
Switch 2 - is power? When on, I am able to control the lights and fan using both the pull chain and remote. When off, remote and pull chain aren’t functional, but I am still able to control the lights via switch 1.

I would like to replace switch 1 with a Lutron caseta dimmer (P-PKG1W-WH). Is that possible?

That switch isn’t a combo switch … The top button is “On” the bottom is “Off” and the arrows are dimmer, That also does not have zwave/ZigBee.
You mainly want to see if your wiring in the switch box has a ground, neutral and a hot.

Correct, it’s not a combo switch. I’m not looking to control the fan via a smart switch. I just want to replace the “dumb” dimmer (switch 1) with the Lutron. All other dimmers in the home have already been replaced. I was hoping I could do the same with the dimmers controlling only the lights on the fan. I wanted all dimmers in the home to be matching.

This is going to come down to the details of the wiring between the two switches. I suggest you contact Lutron support, they should be able to give you the most definitive answer.


Yes, you can wire the 2 feed wires together and the dimmer will also slow the fan… But you will have to get up (like some sort of animal) and pull the chain for the fan to go from 3-2-1-off. And if your dimmer is at 50% and your on speed 2 your fan will spin at ~50% of the speed.

Other options
come with IR remote

what I have for my fans, they have a cheaper version that doesn’t have the lights along the side.
Lutron MA-ALFQ35-WH

The buttons on the right Dim/speed up and the lights on the left show where you are at in the speed. If you press a main button it goes to that preset like if you have the light set at 50% (1/2 way up) and press the light… it comes on at 50%.

I leave my fan on the high speed and adjust it from the switch. These also use a control unit (including) that you wire at the fan and install the switch. It only requires 1 “hot” signal wire up to the fan/ light controller. I believe this would work without the ground. You current setup … even if it doesn’t have a hot wire / natural in the switch box you can use to other wire (currently switching your fan) as a traveler for which ever you need.)


So when switch 2 is off, you aren’t able to control the lights with the light pull chain?

Correct. When switch 2 is off, I cannot control the lights via the pull chain (or remote).

Switch 1 can still turn on and dim the lights even if switch 2 is off.

This is the only ways this would work.
a) someone wired switch 2 is actually a 3-way switch and the other leg is feeding switch 1. But your light chain switch would still work, just not your fan speed.
b) your panel is ground bonded (not un-common) and switch 1 is a ground break and switch 2 on is a hot break and your fan also has a neutral attached on it (creating a ground). The chain pull for the light wouldn’t do anything because the whole fan is ground/ neutral .

Both ways would be “incorrect”


I will take a look at how everything is wired when I get home. I figured it’d be just as easy as replacing the rest of the dimmers in our home, but I guess not.