CCTV cameras footage from IP Cameras

Ok i have CCTV already and the thought of buying another camera is just not up there. My cameras are IP cameras. I would have thought i could connect a camera to my smart things via an IP address. Has anyone had the capacity to make this happen? If not why isn’t it an option. So many CCTV systems today are IP based. It is a no brainer!

Search the forums, there is much discussions of various camera models and possible integrations.

You might start with this thread:

yes JD i have searched the forums, the questions start out ok but the context gets diverted by those with a vested interest by the looks of things to keep the topic away from the desired answers that are originally asked. Smart Things needs to inclusive otherwise it will push customers to other areas of research.

I also have CCTV cameras, what did you end up doing?

My CCTV cameras remain independent, no integration with Smart Things