Caseta Wireless Smart Bridge Pro & 50 Device Limit Workarounds

I’m “all-in” with the Caseta wireless system as a major aspect of my HA upgrade project. I already purchased and installed the SmartThings Hub, Caseta Wireless Smart Bridge Pro, Hue Bridge Second Generation, and a custom Raspberry Pi “man-in-the-middle” server (thank you @njschwartz ( [Deprecated] Lutron Caseta Connect V1.5 ), that allows me to operate 7 Picos to replace wall switches that control Hue bulbs (some of those Picos will replace 3-way wall switches - hence the reason I have 7 Picos to control 5 sets of Hue bulbs). All of this is working flawlessly.

I have now purchased and have received many additional Lutron Caseta dimmers and switches to replace the non-Hue lighting switches. These are awaiting installation this week. However, I only now realized there is a 50 device limit for the Caseta Smart Bridge / Smart Bridge Pro. Every Pico counts - even if its a 3-way circuit - every Pico counts. It adds up quickly.

Long story short is that I will hit the limit, and I already contacted Lutron and researched this forum that there can only be one Caseta Smart Bridge online with SmartThings Hub due to an API restriction.

I guess this means that I need a work-around, and it seems to me that I will need to combine both Lutron Caseta and non-Lutron Caseta switches into the overall plan. I want a consistent look, but I will deal with it.

My question: Can someone recommend a good solid reliable aesthetically pleasing SmartThings compatible dimmer switch to install alongside the Pico and Caseta Dimmers? I assume for the moment this is my only smart-switch solution because I cannot stay within the Lutron Caseta family beyond 50 devices. But is seems I can still have the benefit of smart switches through the SmartThings Hub, it will just be more programming.

Other thoughts on dealing with this restriction are welcome as well.



This is the great thing about SmartThings, you can mix and match brands under the same platform for control. I use both Lutron Caseta and Leviton Z-Wave devices.

If your having trouble purchasing one, contact a local lighting distributor to buy it.