Card Access Sub-Zero/Wolf Smart Appliance Module?

Card Access sells a Zigbee module to interface with some of the appliance made by Sub-Zero and Wolf. The Zigbee module is connected to the service port to enable wireless communication. Card Access wrote a driver for Control4 and apparently Crestron and Savant can interface directly with the appliances by using a wired connection.

Just wondering if anybody has tried to create a device handler for these appliances? If not, how hard would it be to create one?

Control4 uses a proprietary zigbee profile which is not compatible with SmartThings. So if they’re using that, it won’t work. If it’s really some other kind of cloud to cloud integration, then maybe.

Just noticed the module itself is made by card access, not subzero. It’s using the proprietary control4 protocol and will not be compatible with SmartThings. From the user manual:

The module requires a Control4 Home Controller running Composer 2.1.0 or higher.

Isn’t it possible that they used the generic Zigbee profile even though they specifically intended it for use with Control4? It was designed back in 2011-2012 when there weren’t that many home automation platforms. Card Access was bought out by Control4 but when they designed this module they were still an independent company may have considered potentially using it with other home automations hubs in the future.

Unfortunately, no, because if it’s using some other profile it won’t work with control4. The fact that it works with control4 now is what tells you it will not work with SmartThings. :disappointed_relieved: