Capability soundPressureLevel

(Jody) #1

A capability to display the current sound pressure level in decibels.

(Mike Maxwell) #2

I might suggest soundPressure, so as not to be confused with volume level (as in audio equipment)
In the pro audio world they shorthand this to SPL (sound pressure level)

(Jody) #3

Sure. If that’s the correct term, that is what it should be. I just want to be able to subscribe to sound pressure levels from my ubi and netatmo devices.

(Tim Slagle) #4

The netatmo already has this ability to subscribe to the noise level. My netatmo monitor app will monitor it for you.

(Jody) #5

That works for purpose built smart apps such as yours, but for outside access; not so much. I first need to get a users permission to access their devices, then subscribe to the device’s events. Without a capability, I cannot ask if they have it or not.

(Tim Slagle) #6

As long as the device shows in STs it will report on any attribute setup in the device-type. Maybe i’m not understanding what you are really trying to do?

(Jody) #7

You cannot ask a users permission to subscribe to an attribute.

Allow Endpoint to Control These Things…

  • Which Switches?
  • Switch 1
  • Which Air Pressure Sensors
  • Air Presssure 1


(Jody) #8

Not to mention things IFTTT and other data logging services. Without it being a real capability, the only thing left is a device specific hack to get it to log out to those services.

(Tim Slagle) #9

can you do this now with capabilities? Why would you want to subscribe to my homes sound pressure level? or any other capability/attribute?

I’m intrigued where you are going with this and what it’s practical applicaiton would be. I like new things. How would this work and what value does it add? :smile:

(Jody) #10

By subscribing to the power capability I was able to generate this chart. I can generate a chart for any capability I can subscribe to. It’s not that “I” want to subscribe to your house’s sound pressure level. I can’t ask your permission to let you access it at this point.

(Tim Slagle) #11

Ahhhh I think I understand. You’re refering to yourself, or a STs account, as the “user” in this statement. 3rd party to a STs account.

The phrasing was throwing me off lol. I try not to refer to people as “users”. It reminds me to much of Tron lol!

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #12

Ad hoc Attributes (public attributes in a Device Type but not in a Capability) are an aberration and should be deprecated and eventually disallowed.

This is both for subscription (device list filter) purposes as discussed by @jody.albritton here, and to ensure many Device Types can implement a specific Capability consistently (ie with same Attributes (datatype, units, meaning) and Commands.

(Jody) #13

This capability has been added and documented.

(Jody) #15

There are two types of sound detection. Sound pressure level takes a numeric value.

(Mike Maxwell) #16

sorry, my bad, further in the list is SPL, I didn’t understand that two sound related capabilities were being added.
Sorry for being cranky today, it’s one of those days.