Feature Request, New Device Capabilities Airpressure and Soundlevel

(Patrick Stuart [@pstuart]) #1

Can we get two new device capabilities?

airpressure would be a great one to have and able to subscribe on changes.

soundlevel would be another one to have and able to subscribe on changes.

Currently, the Ubi has these sensors exposed and I am populating just simple value tiles for storing the data but can’t subscribe to them since they don’t exist.

Maybe I am missing something?

(Tim Slagle) #2

Give your device type attributes in the definition settings and make sure the device type is sending events for each instance. I have a netatmo that doesn’t have either of those capabilities but can subscribe to sound, co2, and pressure events because @dianoga built it into the device type using attributes.

(Derek) #3

Yes, sound level. I want to know when my dogs are barking. I know my Netatmo does it, but it only checks I think every 10mins. I need something that responds immediately if above a threshold.

(Jody) #4

Any updates on this front? @Ben
Air pressure, sound level, Co2

I have the ubi and the netatmo as well.

(Jody) #5

@bflorian I opened a ticket about this request.