Capability: rangeSensor

I would like to be able to tell the distance something is from the device that is equipped with a range sensor like:

Or something similar.

My own use case is that I have a water softener that has blocks of salt in it:

It doesn’t run on electricity and I don’t simply want to know when it needs changing, I’d like to know the current level and be able to use the data gathered from the sensor to determine the rate at which the salt is going down.

I would love to be able to mount a sensor on the top so I can tell what level the salt is at and get alerts when it needs new blocks putting in.

I should think it could be used for other things like if anything gets too close to something you don’t want them to you can trigger something :smile:

I know no such device seems to exist but there might at some point and I had intended to cobble my own together with an Arduino or something.

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Sounds like a good idea! I always forget to check my salt level.

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+1 on a range sensor capability. That’s what I use to monitor my sump water level.

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