Would be nice to have a multiButton capability since there are a few remote devices with multiple buttons around, and each seems to be hacking around the SmartThings wanting to treat capability.button devices as a single button device.
An attribute for number of buttons would be appropriate.

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this + type of button press.

Smarthings understands:

Press - button pressed
hold - button pressed and held for more than 1 second (They should probably change the name as it’s confusing)

They need to add:

Double click
Hold Start & Hold Release & Whilst Held Actions
Click Hold Start & Click Hold Release & Whilst Held Actions


Excellent stuff here, guys; I’m glad to see any activity in this Capability Types Suggestions Category, because … well, it seems to be ignored. We’re hoping SmartThings’s capability guru joins in, please @yaimavaldivia?

There are lots of anomalies with existing Capabilities, but it takes forever to get new ones and revising existing ones seems impossible; so I won’t even ask why “Capability Button” doesn’t have any Commands. held is sorta nonsense, since most button controllers handle this at the hardware level (the Aeon Minimote doesn’t send a start/end push, it only sends a “shifted” value of the button to indicate it was held long enough to mean the alternate value (5 to 8, instead of 1 to 4). Whatever.

But multi-button controllers have unique capabilities … maybe even and “enter key” (like a PIN pad where the value isn’t significant until enter is pushed) … and actual timed start and end. And the stuff you said … double-click, etc…

I’m sure I asked for this about 10 to 14 months ago. Look it up; or don’t bother. Nobody at SmartThings gives a frack about this Category. Or do they, please???

I hope that they do start caring because in a modern smarthome satellite controllers (simple button based ones) are really important to extending control of devices, routines and sequences. Push and a confusing 1s hold setting is too limited.

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