Capability geomagneticStorm, solarRadiationStorm, radioBlackout


I have created a devicetype with some additional capability I would like to submit for review to SmartThings. The device polls NOAA’s Space Weather Prediction Center akin to the SmartWeather Tile. NOAA classifies our space weather on a numeric scale of 0-5 across three categories. I believe each category should have its own capability.

Each capability has unique properties that may offer unique opportunities for smart homes aware of impending solar weather. Please view the device type here:

In addition to submitting the device type to the SmartThings repository, I have also created a pull request to the SmartThings documentation library as well.



Honestly I haven’t looked through the documentation fully, but you say that it is Impending conditions that the tiles present. How far of an outlook are they? Does NOAA have multiple values for time forecast? it would be nice to know if it’s current data or future,and if it’s future how far out.

Hi Jason,

It’s a 3 hour prediction window. NOAA does produce forecasts as well using the same scale.

The device I created just takes the instantaneous (3 hour window) value, but the feed its reading from provides a couple days of predictions.