Can't I put a variable name for sensor into the custom text notification message?

Hi everyone,

I had to copy everything from 22 devices to a new hub because the 16.9 update killed my zigbee radio…

Many of my sensors have identical monitoring rules, but the Notification message should say which sensor just went off. I believe I need the “Custom message” for the text push notification to be something like:

Motion at [sensor_name_variable]

And/or device name. (Aeon multisensor devices have a lot of sensors.)

Or a lookup table of responses relative to sensors, like

"Backyard sensor" motion rule lookup text = "Motion on the back lawn"

Is there anything like this?

My 9 Aeon multisensors have 3 to 6 sensors each, depending on which ones you’re interested in. And I have other sensors, too.

I see that there is the CoRE engine for example, but I don’t want to learn an entire ecosystem to get one thing done. This is a simple question:

Is there a way to put a variable name into the existing SmartThings rules schemes for multiple sensors?

Or something else/similar involving the pre-existing ST rules.

Thanks if you can help!

@RedKnight so Core can definitely do it but there is a learning curve. If the processes are fairly simple there are two pretty good options in the ST marketplace under “Safety & Security” then either “Notify Me When” or “Smart Home Monitor - Security”. Notify Me When is a little simpler and you would just have to set an individual rule for each sensor with custom text you want sent. I also use some under Safety & Security when Notify Me want do what I need. Use the Custom option and set them up from there. If I recall correctly you need to do custom text for each as well one at a time. For example, I have a string of 4 notification that remind us if the garage has been open for 5, 10, 20, and 1 hour as well as one that tell us if the wine cellar gets too warm or too cold. Hope that help

Thanks Nathan,

Sounds like you feel quite sure and everyone agrees (if no one speaks up with something else),

It’s impossible to have something like variables for sensor/device names in ST’s built-in rules, then?

That there’s no simple way to have one rule for multiple devices while showing the individual device or sensor name?

Except a completely separate nuclear option like Core.

Hope I’m not belaboring the point. I guess I’m learning the limits of intrinsic ST functionality.

Thanks - Mike

@RedKnight Maybe someone comes back with a way to do it but I don’t know of one. Core may be the exception but I am not even sure how I would set that up in Core. I am still a relative Core novice but one way to do it would be to set up: IF one of the sensors is triggered send message “Motion sensor activated in” followed by a series of child (not sure if that’s the right name) actions with this logic: IF it’s sensor #1 send “Basement”, IF sensor #2 send "Bathroom, etc. So the end result would be you get two message in a row.

Motion sesnor activated in

Not sure if that help and there is probably a more eloquent way to do it but one of the Core experts would probably need to chime in.

Here is an example of how I use a variable to tell me if a battery in a sensor falls between two levels.
This is using CoRE.

BTW there is a mistake in my oiston above.
I had missed putting in an @ in front of my variable name which makes it a global variable which is what I had defined.