Can a notification message include room name?

Is it possible to include name of room in which the device that triggered the automation happened?

I know that I can create 3 separate automatons with only one sensor in each and have 3 different messages, but I really dislike this approach, not only does is pollute my automation list which is already long and messy, but its also very poor for maintainability. If I had 100 sensors and wanted to change the message I would have to do that 100 times.

I could see ST adding the name of the Room, but as a start they should at least provide the name of the device. In your example, your names are the same so that may not help you right away. The Classic app’s Smart Home Monitor custom rules/notifications does that, but let’s not focus on past capabilities we use to have that don’t exist in the new app… :wink:

If/When ST adds device name to notifications/alerts, you might want to consider giving your device a unique name vs. the default ST assigns to them.

That would be great if they would do that :slight_smile: But how would one include the name in the notification string? Like a parameter? ${} or {{}} or something like that ??

I was thinking like you and tried those parameters, but that didn’t work. It would be wonderful if ST would allow for that! I ended up having to create individual automations per device for critical ones I needed to be notified about. In the Classic app I had just one custom SHM rule vs the 12 automations in the new app required to do the same thing. That’s insane, and like you said very difficult for maintainability.

This is one of my biggest complaints about the new app vs Classic, along with terrible performance, lack of and/or conditions in automations, and, and and… :wink:

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