Can't fit Z-wave switches in box - need ideas

i just had to replace one of the switches that is in there now (one of my old GE z-wave switches died yesterday so i had to replace it quick even though i wasn’t ready yet to cut the box out at this point.

i’m almost wondering if i have something like this already, because it’s already a plastic box and i haven’t been able to figure out where it’s nailed in. i couldn’t see any screws from the inside, though…so i guess it has to be nailed in somehow. i just couldn’t see where…

the other interesting thing is that my current box is actually pretty deep, a little under 2.5 inches for where i could get the measuring tape in there to measure it. still not enough room to fit everything in, though. tempted to get one of the boxes you linked, but 5 gang rather than 4 (to hopefully give me a little extra room on the side as well as front to back.

If you’ve never replaced it then it’s a “new work” box meaning it was installed with new construction without drywall. In those situations the gang boxes have nails on the top and bottom such as this. That is why a thin hack saw is needed to reach them.

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