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I will never do Wink. I tried them and their support was even worse. I bought some generic z-wave door sensors and while I could connect them to the hub they wouldn’t report at all. Called into their support and they said that for starters their email notification system hadn’t been working for over a month and they had no idea what was wrong. But better yet they said that if the device is not on their qualified list they can’t guarantee anything will work even though I pointed out they specifically said on their site that most generic z-wave devices will work but may have limited functionality. I got zero functionality and they basically said too bad.

I won’t ever look at Wink again, but that’s my story.

Thanks for sharing

Check out Hubitat. Use groovy code from SmartThings with few changes and full local control. Not the sudo local that never really reached maturity in SmartThings.

SmartThings now being sold at Lowes in Canada.


Great to see! Now if the great deals on Iris brand ST compatible devices like being reported in the U.S. come up here would be very nice to have access to!

Highly doubt they’ll ship old inventory up to the Canadian stores to sell them off. It’s pretty obvious they’re going to drop the Iris line. They don’t say it, but I’ve seen this kind of reply many times before. They aren’t allowed to disclose a product end of life that hasn’t been publicly announced, or they may not know it themselves or the company has not confirmed it with the lower ranks.

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Still getting shafted on pricing!!!

Hey fellow Canadians! I’ve recently moved and won’t be setting up my ST system again. I’m looking to sell the whole shabang. I have the hub, 3x Centralight wall outlets, 1x GE wall outlet, 1x Smart Sense Motion Sensor, 2x Smart Sense Multi Sensors. Looking for $250CAD

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Hey just wondering if anyone has been able to successfully use the Visonic MP-841 motion detector (from Rogers Smart Home Monitoring) with the SmartThings hub. I was able to get the Visonic door sensors to work but ran into a wall with trying to get the motion detector to work.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

You might find the freq to be different and not compatible with ST.
I work for a large Canadian telecom company :wink: and some of our devices are Z-Wave and pair fine but other devices which work with our hub are 433 and 345 Mhz which are not ST compatible.

@daven Thanks for the response! The Visonic door sensors that I was able to successfully pair and get working with ST were from Rogers were Zigbee. The motion sensor (Visonic MP-841) that I am trying to get working is listed as being ZigBee H.A. 1.2 compliant on the manufacturer website. Based on your insider knowledge, would you happen to know if that still excludes the device from being ST compatible?

If it’s Zigbee it should pair. The right driver might be another issue. Sorry, I’m on Hubitat now, so I don’t know the answer for the driver. Maybe someone can answer that. Here’s pairing and reset instructions. If you’re unable to pair (ignoring the parts about touch screen in the instructions) then it probably just need a factory reset, which they are calling “defaulting” in their instructions :roll_eyes:

To pair the detector to the Touchscreen (control panel), you must set it to pairing mode.

  1. First set the Touchscreen (panel) to pairing mode and then the detector.
  2. To activate, pull the activation strip that protrudes from the back of the detector (see Figure 5).
  3. The green LED (see Figure 1) blinks 3 times every 5 seconds (repeated up to 20 times) to indicate that the detector is searching for the
    Touchscreen (control panel).
    Note: If detector pairing is not successful during the searching process – by tripping the motion detector or by pressing the tamper switch – the
    searching process will restart.
  4. Complete the pairing procedure on the Touchscreen (control panel) (see the pairing instructions in the Touchscreen / control panel’s installation
    Note: Pairing should be performed before installation.
    (Detector installation will have a good link with panel, if RSSI indicated on the Panel higher than -70BM and LQI stronger than 250. If values of
    RSSI and LQI are lower, change Detector placement)
    3.5 Rebooting the Detector
    You can reboot the detector, as follows.
  5. Remove the battery cover.
  6. Press and release the tamper switch for 1 to 2 sec. (see Figure 1).
  7. Close the battery cover.
    D-306094 XHS1-TY / MP-841 FLAT PIR COMCAST
    3.6 Defaulting the Detector
    CAUTION! The defaulting process removes the device from the network and enables re-pairing.
    Separate the detector from the bracket to remove both batteries. (see Figure 7).

1. Press and hold down the detector’s tamper switch.
2. Insert one of the two batteries into the detector while observing battery polarity.
3. Release the tamper switch within 4 seconds (the LED blinks 3 times every 5 seconds).

@SmartHomePrimer Thanks for the detailed info Doug! I followed the steps and able to successfully pair the motion sensor to the ST hub as a thing, but still unable to get it to work. I think you are right regarding coming up with a Device Handler for this specific motion sensor.

Based on my other research, I know users were able to get this working using other devices such as a ConBee.

Would you happen to help out with a device handler for this specific sensor? I searched the forum, and there appeared to be one individual who took on the task but doesn’t look like they were able to complete it:

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I’m glad you were able to get it to pair. I’m so sorry, but I’m not a developer. Couldn’t code my way out of a paper bag.

As I mentioned, I’m now on Hubitat, very out of touch with what drivers are available on ST today. If you have a lead on the DTH, best to follow it. However, the code between ST and Hubitat is very similar. You might also search the Hubitat forum and see if there’s something close. Hubitat has generic drivers that handle a lot of device for at least basic functionality, but they don’t publish internal code.

There is a github repo for ST though, and it has some generic drivers that you can try too. The major differences in the code can be found on the Hubitat forum. It primarily “physicalgraph” and ST driver have tile, which HE does not use because the admin UI is web based, not an app.

@SmartHomePrimer Hi Doug, thanks for your informative response. I took your advice and searched the Hubitat forum, and it definitely looks like users were able to get their Visonic MP-841 motion sensor working as per the link below:

In the thread, they mentioned that they changed the device type to “Zigbee motion” and it worked. I know ST also has a generic device option called “Zigbee Motion Detector” but it didn’t work when I selected.

Is there any chance you can maybe share the driver coding info for the “Zigbee motion” device from the Hubitat platform (I know you mentioned they don’t publish internal code but hoping there is a workaround you know - fingers crossed!)?

Thanks in advance!

Sorry. Not available. Hubitat hubs are just $90 for a local hub. No cloud dependencies for automations and most functions. Obviously things like IFTTT, Alexa, Google, etc. are still cloud dependent.

Clearly for a one-off detector, it’s less expensive for the detector, but this offers you the ability to use the detector you have, and so much more.

By the way, one of the community members also recently released some drivers for Ring devices. So with Hubitat you also have access to the Ring Z-Wave sensors, which are relatively inexpensive and pretty fast.

Sure wish Canadians could get devices in Canada, at a reasonable cost tied to teh exchange rate!

Sadly 1975 isn’t coming back anytime soon. We were at $1.08!

I remember being above par in the mid 2000’s, seems so long ago.