Can you help me with my big mess

Ok, first time poster here. I have dipped my toe into the smart home world and love it. What I am trying to do is to group all my smart home devices under one app the best I can. Ok, so my house. I have two Bose SoundTouch 300 systems all controlled with the Bose app and one of my harmony hubs. I have two harmony hubs/ one that controls my living room and one that controls my media room. Living room has Bose system, hue lights, fire cube tv, netmaster, and Xbox x. Media room has 8 hue lights and hue light strips, plus tons of equipment controlled by another harmony hub. The reciever has heos which one zone is the media room and another is my patio speakers. Also on the heos app I have another receiver that controls my balcony and garage speakers. My game room tv is an Apple TV with a kodi box and another Xbox x. Media room also has a Xbox x, ps4, and Nintendo switch. I have which controls a garage door opener, 4 door sensors, three automated door locks, and 32 z wave light switches. Also there are 27 hue lights in the house with 7 motion sensors and 3 hue switches. Have a zwave motion sensor that SUCKS. Oh yeah a fire tv in the media room and in the master bedroom. Any idea where I would even start would help. I have the smarter things hub in a box on my desk.

Crap also three Alexa devices, two nest thermostats and a ring doorbell. Hikvision security cameras following here shortly in a week or so.

SmartThings doesn’t really do a/v integration except through the harmony hub, and even then it’s fairly limited. And it looks like that’s most of what you’ve got.

What exactly were you hoping to accomplish by adding smartthings to the mix?

Also, Have you looked at the simple control app? It has an annual subscription, but it’s designed around home theater equipment and might fit more of your needs:

Basically just that, looking for integration of the hubs. I saw where some one made the smarter things work with, hue and harmony. Basically the hubs I’m trying to figure out how to control from one hub or app. Thought smarter things might be able to provide that for me.

One App to control them all?

Well…Sorta but you still have to set things up in the Harmony Hub. You can then use ST to turn Activities on/off. I have 4 Harmony Hubs and all are part of my ST setup. I use webCoRE for rules to turn the activities on/off based on realtime events that may occur around the house. Plus you have Alexa and just the regular Switches (Activities) that appear in the ST once you integrate the two.

Furthermore, there is a SmartApp called KuKu Harmony that can run on a small Pi3 that give you individual control over everything that the Harmony Hub controls independent of Activities. I also use this.

Finally, everything else that you have integrates with ST.

ST is not without issues, however, it does offer a great deal of customization and flexibility when dealing with 3rd party apps and devices.

So I would say give it a go since you already have the Hub! Just be warned that the rabbit hole goes deep…

Good Luck!

1 Like “Integration” means different things to different people. Most people only use the integration to arm or disarm based on a smartthings event, most commonly presence being detected as home or away. But that doesn’t mean that you have full control of all of the lights and other devices that a part of your system, or that those devices will show up in your SmartThings app.

There have been a couple of different attempts at Fuller integration over the years, but quite a few of them have worked for a while and then stopped working as made changes. There is no official integration.

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Also, before we go any further, let’s just clarify one thing. This forum is for people who are using the Samsung SmartThings Home automation platform. You keep saying “smarter things.” There is a Chinese automation system whose name translates to that, but it has no relationship with the Samsung platform.

So you are asking about the Samsung system, correct? Just wanted to be sure. :sunglasses:

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Aww…That’s right. I didn’t read thoroughly.

Yes Samsung SmartThings is what I’m asking about

Believe it or not, SmartThings does not work with the Sony Android TV I have. But the Android DOES work with the Harmony Hub…so I use the app on the TV to backwards control my lights and thermostat through the Harmony App on the TV so I can turn on/off or dim lights or change the thermostat from my TV remote.


New question, can I program a Phillips hue motion sensor (Zigbee)through SmartThings to turn on a zwave switch compatibile with SmartThings? All the zwave motion sensors I have tried to use are AWEFUL. The Phillips motion detectors are great. Problem is the lights I’m trying to control with motion are fluorescent tube lights.

Try this:

I have the HUE motion sensor with no HUE hub, works great, slight delay 5-10 from time to time but it’s pretty solid otherwise.